A Great Legal Benefit

Our Legal Protector Plan is the Best

Any employer wants to provide a group legal plan that gives real assistance to employees. Legal services are the type of voluntary benefits that anyone can use. It might be a small claims dispute, or immigration issue, or even preparing that last will and testament which is so hard to do, the services offered in a good group legal plan are sincerely appreciated. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is proud of the fact that we have one of the best plans in the business. It is our Personal Legal Protector Plan

It Covers a Multitude of Issues.

The great advantage of the Personal Legal Protector Plan is how comprehensive this group legal plan truly is. The voluntary benefits that are provided include review of contracts, advice on small claims court matters, and preparing wills and medical powers of attorney, among other legal subjects. Primary benefits are backed up by conveniences such as unlimited legal letters and telephone calls on behalf of plan members. The assistance that these voluntary benefits offer could cost an individual a considerable amount of money. Members enrolled in the Personal Legal Protector Plan, however, receive a number of services that are free of charge. In those cases where additional services are provided members will receive reduced discounted rates, and there’s also discount on contingency fee cases. The savings for an employee are substantial.

The Countrywide Standard

Quality is more than just what service is delivered; it is how that assistance is provided. Countrywide lawyers who are part of our network are expert professionals in various fields of the law. At the same time, they have the people skills necessary to make a person feel comfortable in what could be very stressful situations. They will take the time that is required to review all of the available options and answer any questions. If a plan member is a bit confused, lawyers will very patiently explain the details of any possible resolution. Countrywide expects this of those who will be giving service to members of a Countrywide plan. Empathy is the unwritten benefit of a Countrywide group legal plan and is provided generously by our attorneys.

A human resources director wants to provide the best possible benefits for employees, but that person is always a bit apprehensive about plan management. We respect such concern. It is why a Countrywide plan, such as the Personal Legal Protector Plan is so easy to administer. These voluntary benefits can be funded by a variety of means: employee paid, employer paid, or combination of both. It is whatever the client company wants, which will be delivered.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has been helping organizations provide the best voluntary benefits in legal services since 1987. We have assisted companies of all sizes, labor unions, nonprofit organizations, associations, and other groups in the design of a group legal plan that provides excellent service. We realize that organizations may have unique needs and expectations. It is why we are more than willing to tailor any group legal plan. If there is something extra that needs to be added, or a benefit that has to be reconsidered, Countrywide will gladly make the needed alterations.

Legal issues can crop up unexpectedly and catch a person off-guard. Employers who help their workforce respond to such emergencies receive increased loyalty and appreciation in return. The same employers also notice that obstacles to productivity are removed as talented employees are better able to concentrate on the projects at hand. Countrywide would love the opportunity to help any employer develop voluntary benefits that provide superior legal assistance with easy administration at the same time. Please do feel free to contact us about our services.