Making Government Work for You

Good legal advice can help

Taking a look at the Federal Register can let a person know just how confusing government action can be. The forms and procedures which are part of getting needed benefits or actions from a public agency can be frustrating and maddening at the same time. This is not just the case with the federal government; state and local agencies can also be a maze of paperwork. Busy people don’t have time to go step-by-step through the process alone. A company that offers voluntary benefits such as a group legal plan provides well appreciated support.

A Very Worthwhile Benefit

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services understands the headache an individual encounters when trying to make sense of government procedures. The attorneys that are part of a Countrywide group legal plan have a considerable knowledge about the administrative procedures of government at each of the levels. The stock and trade of these legal experts is cutting through the red tape that surrounds so many public services. The voluntary benefits of the Countrywide Personal Legal Protector Plan include well-reasoned advice on how to secure benefits that a plan member of the group legal plan is entitled to receive. These attorneys can also work to cut all the processing time down to a minimum. They will review paperwork prior to it being submitted, so that there are no delays in benefits processing. If a telephone call is needed to a public employee to get things moving along, a Countrywide attorney can do it with finesse and well-tuned diplomatic skills.

The Countrywide Advantage for Plan Members

The traits of an attorney in the Countrywide network include excellent interpersonal communication. Voluntary benefits provided include empathy and courtesy. Anyone who is at their wits end due to bureaucratic delays will be pleased to notice that our attorneys are sympathetic and encouraging. A group legal plan from Countrywide has the unwritten advantage of legal minds that truly care about an individual’s feelings. We expect that from all of our attorneys and we settle for nothing less.

Human resources directors want to see to it that employees are treated with respect, but also would like to have voluntary benefits which are easy to administer. Countrywide has exactly that. A prepaid payroll deduction plan can be established that removes a lot of the administrative work. Our support staff moves very quickly with every request for assistance from plan members, so human resources doesn’t have to worry about employee complaints. A Countrywide group legal plan offers the best benefits with the fewest possible hassles. It is a winning situation for everyone.

Countrywide also works closely with employers to offer just the right legal services. We have been designing voluntary benefits for organizations of all sizes since 1987, and we are very sensitive to the needs of unique groups. We are flexible enough to tailor a group legal plan just the way an employer wants to have it. Countrywide will offer possible alternatives, but the final decision belongs to the employer, and we will make it happen.

Government legalese and procedures can delay the receipt of needed benefits. No taxpayer should be forced to wait because some document wasn’t filed exactly the right way, or a step in the process was forgotten. Countrywide voluntary benefits provide the services of an experienced attorney who can prevent problems from happening. The results of their actions are benefits and services received in a reasonable amount of time, and without any further need of paperwork. Countrywide would welcome the opportunity to explain all of its benefits in greater detail. We encourage you to contact us with any questions.