Helping Newcomers Adjust to America

Legal Assistance clears serious obstacles

America has always been recognized as a land of opportunity. Highly skilled professionals have come to this country with the hopes of not just a better life, but the opportunity to use their expertise and increase their knowledge. Many of them bring their families and being newcomers can be a bewildering challenge for them.

A Mountain of Paperwork to Climb
It may not be the road to citizenship, but just establishing permanent residence that can be the problem. Immigration law in the United States fills volumes, and there are all kinds of papers to be processed to allow for a lengthy stay. Foreigners and their families may be able to speak English, but legal terminology is not daily conversation and the words can be extremely confusing. Moreover, there is the real fear of not doing the proper filings and being asked to return home. Worries about mistakes that could endanger family members keep many hard-working foreign employees in a state of anxiety and not able to fully concentrate on work projects. Group legal plans can help these people adjust to life in a new country.

Countrywide Services Are Comprehensive

Proper application for permanent visas is essential, but there are also various government programs for which a foreign-born employee and/or that person’s dependents may qualify. Group legal plans of Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services can bring an employee into contact with a network of lawyers who provide other services within the voluntary benefit plan. These legal professionals can offer advice on various government programs and also review landlord/tenant agreements to prevent a foreign-born employee from being taken advantage of. Letters and phone calls that are sometimes difficult because of language barriers can easily be handled by the attorneys. Such correspondence is part of the voluntary benefit plan.

It is important to remember a primary quality of all Countrywide legal services plans. We provide excellent customer service for all plan members. This is particularly essential for those who are new to America. Our attorneys recognize the anxiety and frustrations that may arise for these newcomers. It is why time is taken to explain everything very carefully, and questions are encouraged. It is our wish to help in any way possible and unlimited telephone calls on a particular legal matter is something that any member of a Countrywide voluntary benefit plan can rely upon.

Easy Administration

Employers want all of those working for them be well cared for with high quality benefits These managers are typically sensitive to problems that a foreign born employee faces, and want to be of help. At the same time management wants benefits that are easy to administer and provide efficient service. They will receive both from the Countrywide group legal plans. All of our voluntary benefit plans are designed to be very easily administered without confusing procedures or forms. In fact, the easy administration of our group legal plans has created a lot of favorable comments with organizations and employees as well. We do the best we can see to it that things are as easy as can be, so that what appear to be terrible problems are handled quickly. Funding any voluntary benefit plan designed by Countrywide is very straightforward. An organization can decide between employer funded, employee funded, or commendation of both. We’re happy to provide whatever is wanted.

Newcomers to America have enough challenges adjusting to American society without nerve-racking legal problems. Countrywide can set their minds to rest, and provides superior legal services plan for entire company. We have been developing legal plans since 1987, for all types of organizations and we can tailor any benefit to meet the needs of an organization. We would welcome the opportunity to tell more about what we can do and how our benefits can help. Please do feel free to contact us.

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