Protecting the Family College Students

ID Theft can hit on Campus

Going away to college is the first time of independence for most young people. It is a chance to be a little bit more on their own without parents close at hand. It’s exciting, but there are some risks involved. Being away from mom and dad doesn’t mean being away from a thief.

Identity Theft Can Strike

Those who would steal personal information will prey on the unsuspecting. College students use debit cards just like everybody else, and often are a little bit careless. A thief will take the opportunity to steal the debit card numbers, but will not stop at that. If this criminal can hack into personal information or credit card accounts, that person will gladly steal as much as possible. This crime may go unnoticed for a period of time, and the thief has opened up bogus accounts to use. It is sad but many times the theft will result in credit scores that are so low a student cannot take out a loan for tuition. The damage can take years to correct if not detected in the beginning. Parents worry about their college children and know how devastating ID theft can be. Fortunately, there are group legal plans that can cover these college dependents.

Countrywide ID Protector Plans

One of the benefits offered by Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is the Platinum ID Protector Plan. An attractive feature of this voluntary benefit is coverage can be provided for dependent children over 18 years of age. The ID theft protection includes daily credit monitoring with email alerts from the three top credit monitoring companies (ExperianTM, EquifaxTM, and TransUnionTM). Credit scores will also be supplied from these three. It permits a parent to find out almost immediately if the personal information security of a college age-dependent has been breached. Customer service provided by Countrywide will help in filing a dispute, as well as other information to regain credit integrity. There is also included. $25,000 of identity theft insurance to help recover from any act of fraud. That can be valuable assistance to any young person who is already struggling under college loan debt. Group legal plans that have this kind of identity protection are deeply appreciated by both the college students and their worried parents.

Countrywide Gives a Special Service

There is one added attraction to any of our voluntary benefit plans that really stands out: superior customer service. Countrywide support staff and attorneys provide expert advice, and all of our group legal plans feature customer service that treats a plan member or dependent like a human being. We understand how frantic and frightened a college student can be when confronted with identity theft. It is why we handle these situations with extra sensitivity; not seeking to lecture the young person, but to help him or her regain credit status. Everyone who has a Countrywide voluntary benefit knows that empathy is a major part of the services rendered. We expect great interpersonal skills from all the people who work for us and with us.

Parents worry enough about tuition. A voluntary benefit that offers the type of assistance to help their college dependent ward off identity fraud is something that is very worthwhile. Human resources doesn’t have to worry about complicated administration because Countrywide develops all of our group legal plans and ID Theft plans so that they are easy to operate. We would be happy to explain in greater detail all we have to offer an organization. Countrywide has worked with organizations of all kinds since 1987, and we provide the best legal services and ID Theft plans. Please feel free to contact us.