Reasoning with the Landlord

A good attorney can resolve the problem

The rent on apartments in some metropolitan areas is equivalent to a monthly mortgage payment. It can be a very expensive arrangement and the lease may be a very complicated document. It does happen that there are landlord and tenant disputes that arise. The tenant has to be concerned because an eviction notice may be the outcome. However, if this same individual has a legal benefit through a group legal plan, he or she has access to expert advice. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services can provide the help that a tenant desperately needs.

Resolving Rental Confusions

It isn’t fair to accuse all landlords of being intentionally devious and out to cheat tenants. The current housing situation has caused people to consider sophisticated options such as rent to own as ways of securing domestic shelter. The agreements arrived at can be very complicated and ignorance of real estate rental terminology can be a problem. A Countrywide attorney is someone who is experienced in landlord/tenant law. As part of the legal benefit, he or she will review the lease agreement and point to possible resolutions of what seems to be an impossible situation.

It is unfortunate, but some landlords may feel that the suggested resolution is insufficient. The Countrywide group legal plan still provides assistance in such cases. Another legal benefit is unlimited letters and telephone calls made on behalf of a plan member for a given situation. A landlord who is obstinate may think twice when he sees a warning letter from an attorney, advising him or her that the next step may be filing a consumer complaint. The attorney at the same time can advise a plan member about the filing of such a complaint, and how best to deal with the various public consumer protection agencies. If the dispute goes to small claims court, an additional Countrywide legal benefit is advice on how to prepare evidence for the court hearing.

Countrywide Gives Value Plus Service

It should be pretty obvious that Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services provides very comprehensive legal assistance. One quality that makes Countrywide truly stand out is the superior customer service provided to everyone. The attorneys and support staff understand how frustrating a rental dispute can be for anyone. Both will provide a plan member with the courtesy and respect that is due. Countrywide provides unlimited phone calls to the attorneys as a legal benefit. Those professionals are screened for their ability to handle sensitive situations and anxious people. Any plan member will appreciate the concern shown for his or her particular problem. It is all part of the additional value we will provide.

Employers will appreciate how easy it is to administer a Countrywide group legal plan. We also work to see to it that any plan fits the exact needs of a given organization. Countrywide has been developing legal benefits for organizations since 1987. We are sensitive to the uniqueness of every employer with whom we do business. Countrywide will provide whatever best fits the needs of the given client.

No employee should have to put up with the hassles of trying to reason with a stubborn landlord. Anyone who is being harassed will quickly discover just how efficient the legal services offered by a Countrywide group legal plan are when dealing with these domestic battles. We take great pride in giving the problems of all plan members highest priority, and quality customer service is given to everyone regardless of his or her job title. We would welcome the opportunity to be able to explain more fully all it is that we can offer an organization and its hard-working employees. Please do feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.