Standing up for Your Consumer Rights

The Personal Legal Protector Plan Is There for Help

The signs of the holiday shopping season are starting to be seen. Consumers may think it’s a little bit odd, but for retail establishments the Christmas season is where they make the greatest profit. Unfortunately, it is also the time when some purchase problems arise.

The overwhelming majority of retail companies honor all of their warranties. Sadly, there are occasions when there is a defect in a product or service, but the store owner refuses to honor the warranty that was purchased. This individual may cite an obscure clause or unexplained company practice as the reason. A consumer does not have to accept those excuses, and those who happen to be members of a group legal plan designed by Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services have the means to successfully contest this refusal.

Superior Consumer Advice

The Countrywide Personal Legal Protector Plan is an employee paid benefit that permits access to a network of experienced attorneys. These legal professionals are well-versed in the aspects of consumer protection, and can offer counsel on how to use the law to process a consumer complaint. This may include matters such as breach of contract for services rendered, and our legal services plan is a very effective weapon against fraudulent activity committed by commercial enterprises. One of the benefits that is part of the Personal Legal Protector Plan is the attorney letter. A lawyer will gladly write to the offending store or dealership a letter warning the management of possible legal action that may be taken. It often happens that a letter or a telephone call from an attorney will cause the other party to honor a warranty or provide a refund for a defective product. It makes a Countrywide employee paid benefit plan worth having.

Easy To Administer

Human resources will appreciate just how simple any of the Countrywide group legal plans are to administer. We understand that cumbersome procedures take up precious time, and that’s why any Countrywide employee paid benefit plan can be operated without any administrative hassles. If management wants the plan to be on a voluntary prepaid payroll deduction basis, Countrywide will set things up for that. Countrywide has been developing benefit plans for organizations since 1987, and we will tailor any of our group legal plans to best fit the needs of the organization we serve.

Countrywide Gives a Little Bit Extra

People who have been the victim of consumer fraud or negligence are both frustrated and angry. The attorneys involved with the Countrywide group legal plans are sensitive to the jarred emotions. Respect and empathy are what a plan member can expect besides getting superior legal assistance. Our attorneys are screened for their interpersonal skills, and respectful attention to a plan member is expected. Those who are part of an employee paid benefit plan want service that is responsive and professional. It is exactly what they can expect from Countrywide.

The year-end shopping season is extremely hectic and nobody wants to deal with unfulfilled promises from a store. Anyone who wishes to cheat or provide less than guaranteed service to a member of a Countrywide plan is in for a big surprise. Countrywide lawyers will see to it that every word and sentence of the warranty is followed, and will assist in any consumer complaint on behalf of a plan member. We would welcome the opportunity to explain fully all the services we offer to protect an employee from unscrupulous merchants. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and allow us to give all of the benefit details. We welcome any and all questions and are confident that we can provide a great legal benefit that everyone will appreciate.

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