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Personal Legal Protector Plan Provides Valuable Assistance

It may not be that our society is obsessed with litigation, but we definitely make it a point to get everything in writing. A simple handshake used to be the only contract and that is no longer the case. With the amount of legal paperwork in the form of contracts, wills, and deeds, it is easy for a person to become overwhelmed in a sea of hard to understand words. What a person could really use is a group legal plan that helps interpret all of the information. A great legal services plan is the Personal Legal Protector Plan.

The Overall Value of It

Legal benefits should have excellent quality for the money that is spent. The Personal Legal Protector Plan offered by Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is a very comprehensive legal benefits plan that addresses a lot of situations where the expertise of an attorney can help. The support can be as simple as advice on how to deal with a government agency, or as important as drafting a will or medical power of attorney. Consumer protection is very important as the holiday shopping season begins, and Countrywide attorneys can provide guidance on any complaints that may arise. There are some things that are every day type of benefits such as contract reviews. The group legal plan designed by Countrywide can cover all such issues.

Anyone who is part of an employee paid benefits plan developed by us can also expect other features such as unlimited telephone calls to the lawyer. The attorneys will also write letters for plan members and make phone calls themselves on a given issue. All of the legal services provided are done with a particular benefit we offer: exemplary customer service. The attorneys are experienced legal professionals but a Countrywide employee paid benefits plan includes empathy in addition to expertise. The lawyers who are in the Countrywide network are expected to have excellent people skills, and our support staff will treat a member of a group legal plan with courtesy and respect. All questions are taken seriously and answers are provided as soon as possible. We firmly believe that servicing a plan member is the most important part of any plan we develop. We are committed to being of service.

Working with the Employer

The Personal Legal Protector Plan is meant to cover all bases but that might not be what an organization wants. Countrywide has worked with employers of all types of organizations since 1987. We understand each employer has unique needs and requirements. It is why a Countrywide group legal plan is tailored to specified needs. Human resources will quickly discover just how little administrative work is necessary with one of our employee paid benefits plans. We want to make things as efficient as possible and as easy as can be. When that is combined with our customer service, it is easy to see why so many employers and plan members appreciate our benefits.

There are a number of options we can offer to a client, including ID theft and credit monitoring. All we need is to hear what the client needs for the employees and we will take it from there. Countrywide legal services plans have earned a reputation for being the best possible legal service assistance that an employee can have, and the testimonials we have received point to the satisfaction experienced by employer and employee alike. We would definitely welcome the opportunity to explain in greater detail all of our options and how employee paid benefits plan from us can provide exactly the right legal assistance.

So if you’re looking for a practical, affordable voluntary benefit with easy implementation and the advantage of increased productivity for your company, contact us today!