Looking out for the Children

Estate Issues cannot be ignored

Young parents hope to live for many years and pass away only after their children become adults. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. People can just as easily die in auto accidents as from age-related disease, and leave behind survivors who are minors. That can cause very serious problems if there is not a will in place.

The Control of the Courts

The legal term is intestate, and it means that there is no will in existence. When this happens probate court takes over and assigns an administrator to the estate. That individual has considerable power over the distribution to beneficiaries. Moreover, having minors involved as beneficiaries creates greater complications. Someone whom the parents would not have wanted as guardian over their children may be appointed by the court. These are difficulties that can be avoided and a person who is a member of a group legal plan has access to a solution.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has been in the business of designing employee paid benefits plans for legal services since 1987. We realize how important it is to have well-defined wills and estates planned to better protect the interests of survivors. Our network of attorneys are experienced in estate planning and development of wills. They will work with a member of a Countrywide employee paid benefits plan to see to it that everything is in order.

The nuances of probate law can be difficult for a layman to understand. Countrywide legal professionals will help navigate a person through the maze of statutory requirements, and carefully explain the terminology needed in drafting a will. In particular, the lawyers will go over what needs to be included to assure that any survivor who is a minor is protected. It is understood that there will be questions asked, and that is why plan members are able to have unlimited phone calls to our lawyers. One special advantage offered is updates to the document. Time keeps moving on and situations change from year to year. A will may need to be revised in a few years to reflect new circumstances. The Countrywide group legal plan offers free annual updates. This means that if the executor has to be changed or adjustment made to the beneficiaries, it will be done at no charge to the plan member. All service is given with the respect and courtesy that anyone who is part of an employee paid benefits plan should expect. Countrywide insists that superior customer service be part of any interaction with a member of a Countrywide group legal plan.

A Collaborative Effort

The experience we have had over the years in designing employee paid benefits plans causes us to be sensitive to the different needs of unique organizations. Countrywide makes a point of working closely with a client to develop a group legal plan that fits the expectations of the organization. We are flexible so that what is best for all the employees is included in the final plan. Human resources can rely on us to produce a plan that is easy to administer without major procedural requirements or extensive paperwork. The final plan produced is something that all employees will appreciate, and that is definitely something management likes to have happen.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services provides a number of options that an employer may want to consider as part of a comprehensive legal services benefit. These can include credit monitoring and identity theft protection among other features that can greatly help employees. We welcome the opportunity to discuss with any employer all of the many benefits features of a Countrywide plan. Please do feel free to contact us. We welcome your inquiry and look forward to answering your questions.

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