Checking the Clauses

Contracts need to be carefully reviewed before signing

“Get it in writing” is very sound advice. The days of a handshake are long gone and a person needs to have a document specifying obligations and expectations in many situations. That is pretty much the heart of a contract, and these types of legal documents are used for any number of arrangements. The language of a contract is mystifying to an awful lot of people. It is very easy to get lost in the jargon of the phrases. Contract review is something that a good group legal plan has as a benefit. It is something that a Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services plan will offer.

Review by a Professional

Countrywide has a network of experienced attorneys that a group legal service plan member can call on. These professionals will take a look at the language of a contract; inspect all of the various clauses, and point out what the language actually means. If there is any part of the contract that may be of a concern, a Countrywide attorney will point that out to the plan member. Eyes sharpened by years of reviewing legal documents allows these professionals to point out where sections need to be rewritten or renegotiated all of their work is for the benefit of a member of a group legal service plan designed by Countrywide. The attorneys will review documents and these can include promissory notes, affidavits, and leases in addition to contracts.

A solid benefit of having contract review as part of a group legal plan is the ability of a plan member to receive advice prior to actually signing the document. It means a trap hidden by legal verbiage is detected before it can be sprung. Good legal services emphasize guidance and judicious warnings. A plan developed by Countrywide also stresses customer service. Our attorneys realize the amount of confusion a person may suffer from trying to understand the terminology of a legal document. The lawyers who work with us are chosen for expertise in legal matters and also interpersonal skills. They will be more than happy to listen carefully and offer the best advice. It is possible a person may have additional questions and that is what unlimited phone calls to the attorney are allowed for a given matter. Regardless of whether it is one phone call or a number of contacts, the same courtesy and respect will be shown to the plan member.

Plan Design Flexibility

A typical group legal service plan offered by Countrywide reflects the needs of the organization. Employers appreciate having assistance such as contract review, but there may be other features they don’t need right at the moment. Countrywide has worked with organizations of all sizes since 1987, and a group legal plan of ours reflects the wants and desires of the employer. We also work to see to it that routine implementation is extremely easy, so Human Resources is not burdened with a lot of administrative detail work. We have a number of options for the funding of any group legal plan and permit the employer to choose which is best for the workforce. Taken as part of a comprehensive plan contract review, along with the other features such as the unlimited telephone calls, provide a high level of service to a plan member. That person knows that any contractual agreement entered into has been reviewed beforehand. The chance of fraud or deception is greatly minimized.

The protection against deception the contract review permits is only one of the benefits a group legal services plan developed by Countrywide allows. We welcome the opportunity to explore with any organization all the various options. Please do feel free to contact us and ask any questions about what we can do for you.

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