Taking Full Advantage of the Network

It is important to have a lawyer when you need one

It is true that people don’t need a lawyer for every day matters. The legal professionals are important when emergencies arise that require a certain amount of expertise about the law that most laymen do not have. A domestic crisis can arise unexpectedly and not necessarily within a five mile radius of home. Those are situations when being able to make an immediate phone call saves an awful lot of trouble and distress. A group legal plan with a network of highly skilled attorneys is definitely an advantage. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a very extensive legal referral network that can be used.

In a Different Place

Business and vacation may take a person hundreds of miles away from home. Unfortunately, that does not mean legal issues will not happen in that distant location. For whatever reason, anyone can be caught in a problem such as a traffic accident or contract dispute. The group legal service plan developed by Countrywide makes sure that a person is not left stranded or lacking good advice. A group legal plan we develop includes a network of attorneys nationwide. Legal advice is available immediately on a number of issues, including small claims court and issues of identity theft. Communication is extremely important and that is why our group legal service plan provides for unlimited telephone calls to the network legal counsel. The advantage of such legal benefits cannot be underestimated. There is no need to agree to any dispute resolution in haste. There is a lawyer ready to be of assistance. It is the most comforting thing about a Countrywide group legal plan. No plan member is caught defenseless even though he or she may be far away from home.

Top Quality Customer Service

An obvious concern for anyone would be dealing with a stranger. It is true in situations of distance where the lawyer may be unknown to the plan member, but that legal professional is well-known to Countrywide. We expect that every lawyer no matter where he or she practices offers a high level of courtesy and respect. Plan members of a Countrywide legal services plan have every right to expect to be treated as if they were a neighbor of the attorney. These lawyers will offer empathy and understanding to anyone who is on unfamiliar ground. This is a reason why a group legal service plan from Countrywide is so greatly appreciated by so many organizations.

Ease of Administration

Employers are going to enjoy how easy it is to administer a group legal plan from
Countrywide. We can very easily implement an employee paid benefit that uses payroll deductions. Human Resources will appreciate knowing that our plans do not require extensive paperwork and reporting. Our legal services are comprehensive, and they are implemented immediately upon request. We’ve been doing this since 1987, and
Countrywide does realize that not every organization is the same. Accordingly, we are flexible in the development of a benefit designed. We do provide our experienced opinion of what should be included, but we adhere to the idea that the client is always right. Whatever the employer feels is best for the workforce of the organization that is what will be included in the final plan.

The testimonials we have received over the years show how satisfied organizations and employees alike are with the benefits. We offer a little bit more than just the basics and would sincerely welcome the opportunity to explain all of our services. Please do feel free to get in touch with us and ask any questions. We would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you.

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