Making a Day in Court Easier

Legal assistance can help with Small Claims Court

The day in court that so many people talk about is ordinarily the Small Claims Court. It is that part of the judicial system that deals with claims that range ordinarily from $3-$5000, although some states will have higher limits. Small Claims Court can be a rather elaborate process. In addition to dollar maximums, there may be statutes of limitations and other qualifiers that have to be considered. A great legal benefit is the ability to get advice on how to best deal with a small claims situation.

Badly Needed Advice

A group legal plan that includes advice on Small Claims Court issues provides very necessary support. There is potentially any number of obstacles in the way. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers the legal benefit of sound advice coming from experienced attorneys. Lawyers, though, will not ordinarily present cases in Small Claims Court arena. What they do instead is help the plan member organize evidence, and offer counsel on how to deal with the various proceedings. The Small Claims Court will issue a judgment but the court is not going to be the one to enforce it. That is the job of the person receiving the award. Lawyers who are part of a Countrywide group legal plan will do more than just give some suggestions. They also have a responsibility as part of the legal benefit to help with filing necessary paperwork for a plan member to get what is rightfully his or hers. This can mean garnishing the defendant’s wages, or placing a lien against that person’s property. The very threat of this can cause a defendant to reconsider nonpayment, and a letter from a Countrywide attorney is often all that is needed.

A very important benefit that Countrywide provides for all members of a group legal plan is customer service. We understand how frustrating getting a judgment can be, and our attorneys work with a plan member until what is owed is paid. These legal experts will answer any and all questions, pursue the paperwork filings diligently, and will respond to any the phone call from a plan member on a particular case. Countrywide expects all attorneys to treat plan members with an extra level of empathy and respect. No one, regardless of their job title, is treated like a routine case file.

Easy Administration

Human resources doesn’t need another thick policy and procedures manual, and employers don’t need exhaustive forms to complete for a legal benefit. Both can be assured that a Countrywide group legal plan is intended to be a very simple benefit to administer. If the employer wishes, there are several options for funding: employer only paid, employee only paid, or combination of both. We also make it a point to give the client what is needed, instead of demanding that a predesigned benefit be accepted. Countrywide has been offering legal services benefits since 1987 and we take great pride in being very flexible. We work with the client to provide what is needed for the workforce. If a particular plan has to be tailored a certain way that is exactly what we will do. We also want to assure any prospective client that customer service will remain at very high levels regardless of what plan is finally implemented.

Advice regarding Small Claims Court cases is a greatly appreciated service, and Countrywide offers a variety of other legal benefit options. These include credit monitoring and ID theft protection among others. There are other possibilities that an organization may wish to consider, and we will fine-tune the plan so that it better serves the workforce of the organization. We would welcome any opportunity to answer questions about any of our legal services. Please do feel free to get in touch with us.

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