Great Service Matters! – No One Tolerates Poor Quality


Group legal plans proactively market their pre-paid legal services. Consumer protection advice and help with government agencies are services consumers want. The same is true for identity theft protection and credit monitoring. It is essential for any vendor to remember that the quality of service is as important as the benefit itself.

Good Service Is Personal

Vendors will use automation to cut costs. The price quoted to a prospective client is low, but you get what you pay for. Waiting 30 minutes or more for a call center associate is poor service. Q and A pages do not always resolve problems.

Legal issues are sources of high anxiety. Warranty problems are not easy to understand, and legal documents are confusing. A group legal plan member expects more for the premium dollars paid. That individual wants the plan to go one step further to find solutions to unexpected issues or legal emergencies.

No One Asked!

Plans do not always fit the needs. A client wants to only pay for services that are used. If no employee takes advantage of a living will service, then why pay for it? It makes sense to have clients decide their benefits. That does not always happen, especially if the vendor insists on a take it or leave it plan and prohibits customizing services.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has offered benefits to organizations for 32 years. We recognize the concern folks have about the benefits they will pay for. We offer a group legal plan which emphasizes superior member services.

Personal Service from Professionals

Countrywide uses a national network of attorneys for delivering services. We screen candidates carefully and not every attorney is given a chance to work with Countrywide.

Emotional intelligence matters to us. We want attorneys who will understand the anxiety and stress a plan member might be experiencing. Empathy and excellent listening skills must be in a Countrywide lawyer’s skill set.

A Little Extra Matters

Countrywide includes certain services that do a little more for a plan member.

*Face-To-Face Meetings. These are easy to have because our attorney works in the community. Countrywide group legal plan members are given priority treatment.

*Correspondence and Communication. Countrywide lawyers can write letters on letterhead stationery and make telephone calls on behalf of the client.

*Unlimited Questions. Plan members might have follow-up questions after the meeting. Countrywide allows an unlimited number of telephone calls on a given subject.

These extra benefits significantly help resolve many issues.

Employer Input

We want people to use our pre-paid legal services. The best way to guarantee this is to invite the client to give input. Decision-makers choose what benefits will be in their Countrywide plan. The employees receive services which they, the employers, know the rank and file want, need, and will use.

Clients can expect superior member services from any Countrywide associate. We want to help employees with their legal concerns, and we treat everyone with the same courtesy and respect. People are sometimes afraid to deal with legal matters such as writing a simple will. They lose that fear, however, when they finally sit down with a Countrywide lawyer to go over the details. We screen our candidates based not only on legal expertise, but also on their ability to communicate. It is why we are one of the best group legal plan vendors in the industry.

We have provided service to organizations of all sizes. No matter what the client selects to be in the plan, we can provide the services necessary. Our existing clients commented favorably on how well we treat people. We show respect on a routine basis.

If you have any questions about our Pre-Paid Legal Services plans, please feel free to contact us. We would welcome the opportunity to explain our services and we are ready to answer any of your questions. Countrywide wants to be of service to you.