Give Yourself Credit for Controlling Debt – Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services Lets You Be in Charge


American consumers thrive on plastic. Credit cards are preferred over cash despite the double-digit interest rate those cards will charge. There isn’t a problem if a person pays attention to the balances. Financial wellness will suffer if an individual ignores the credit debt creeping skyward.

Trouble Has Many Sources

It is not fair to say a card user is an impulsive shopper with no fiscal awareness. Sometimes a major expense, such as auto repair, happens. The debt balance rises accordingly, and spending habits are not adjusted. People will also grow accustomed to paying for common items, such as groceries, with Visa or MasterCard.

A person who loses control of his or her credit card can feel overwhelmed and anxious about finances. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is aware of customer anxiety and wants to help. We have a Financial Wellness Plan employees may use to their advantage.

Countrywide Counselors Restore Financial Wellness

Countrywide believes in personal contact. We think face-to-face conferences with a professional is an excellent way to resolve fiscal challenges. We maintain a nationwide network of certified counselors. They are familiar with the financial problems ordinary people face and they will assist in creating solutions to a person’s difficulty.

There are ways to reign in the credit card monster. These strategies are not always familiar to the average consumer. The counselor will make reasonable suggestions to erase what may be significant credit card debt.

The counselor will first do a budget analysis. Existing spending habits are reviewed and the current income of an individual will be appraised. The counselor will show a Financial Wellness Plan member where adjustments can be made. These budget revisions can release money for use in paying down debt.

Debt consolidation is one way to handle credit debt. Making minimum payments and closing small accounts or other means of ending a problem. A financial wellness plan member might want to negotiate with a creditor for lower interest rates. Countrywide will help prepare the case.

Unfortunately, there are situations where the credit card debt is too large. A Countrywide counselor can do an asset inventory and determine what can be sold to bring the debt down. If anyone must file for bankruptcy, our counselor will show how it is properly done.

Employers Design the Plan

We do not tell clients what their Financial Wellness Plan will be; they tell us. Organizations have different workforces and employees have diverse needs. Decision makers know better than Countrywide what their employees require. The benefit options in the final plan are those the organization knows will be used.

Countrywide makes sure that service requests are properly met. Our administration is streamlined for maximum efficiency. No one waits too long for service since our plan members are given priority over other clients.

We appreciate how frustrating it is to bring credit card debt under control. Many people also feel a little bit ashamed because they allowed things to get out of hand. Countrywide is a firm believer in the power of emotional intelligence. We know that when a person feels relaxed and doesn’t get stern lectures that person is more open to solutions. We expect all our counselors to have empathy and respect for our plan members. It will require patience to explain the details, but our counselors must show that. We are proud of the fact that our existing clients have commented favorably on how well their employees are treated. We always seek to solve problems and we are not in the business of delivering financial sermons to anyone.

Getting credit card debt under control is a major step towards financial independence. Employees have greater respect for an employer who is willing to help them. If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us. We want to explain all our benefits to you, and we welcome your questions.