Dealing with Government Should Not Be Taxing – Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Service’s Lawyers Know Government Bureaucracies


Everyone is relieved the tax season is over. The Internal Revenue Service got its fair share and we are done with the 1040 tax form for this year. However, this does not mean everybody is finished with tax paperwork.

Property taxes can be a quarterly, bi-annual, or annual event. It all depends on the jurisdiction or the property. People may dispute the property taxes assessed. There are procedures for appealing the tax amount. Not everyone understands the appeals process and how important certain information is for a successful appeal. Their case is consequently rejected because of this ignorance. There are also other matters that deal with public agencies. Parents may need special services for a disabled child or an elderly parent. Foreign born employees are not always familiar with the process and cannot get needed assistance. Group legal plans should offer help with public agencies. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services provides such assistance to our plan members.

Assistance with Public Agencies

Government entities have regulations and guidelines which direct activity. Public employees must follow these procedures and Countrywide knows this. Our nationwide network of attorneys is familiar with the rules because the lawyers interact with public agencies.

Our attorney will review the regulations and advise a group legal plan member on what to do. The lawyer will assist in gathering and preparing the data. Tax appeals boards have deadlines and meeting dates that must be met. The Countrywide lawyer will remind the plan member of these requirements, and help that same person get ready.

Such pre-paid legal services are performed with any government department. Countrywide lawyers know who needs to be contacted. If additional information is needed, the Countrywide professional will write letters and make telephone calls on the group legal plan members behalf.

Client Can Add Value

We have several pre-paid legal services options. All are intended to help people respond to common legal situations that may arise. Our clients know what their employees need better than we do, and we ask for input from the decision-makers.

The client will choose what group legal plan services are included in the plan document. An organization may choose to help with public agencies or consumer protection advice while not selecting other options. We respect the choices and will include them in the final plan.

Countrywide provides those benefits with a streamlined administration. It is easy to schedule a face-to-face meeting with the Countrywide lawyer and plan members have priority. People can expect high emotional intelligence levels. Our attorneys are legal experts with exceptional people skills. All group legal plan members are treated with respect.

The greatest challenge working with public agencies is the amount of frustration that develops. Anyone who is not familiar with all the paperwork is going to have problems. Countrywide can cut through all the red tape. We can steer an individual towards the goal he or she wants to obtain.

There is a benefit for everybody thanks to Countrywide. The employee gets the services needed without any undue anxiety. Employers benefit from having workers who are less stressed out by the governmental process. Moreover, organizations experience higher levels of positive morale from their workforce. Those hard-working employees respect the decision-makers who implement the Countrywide benefit. These people know that Countrywide helps makes all the difference in ordinary legal matters.

Forward thinking employers will consider seriously pre-paid legal services for their workforce. We understand that there are possibly several questions about the services we have. It is why we encourage prospective clients to please contact us at their earliest convenience. What we have is a benefit that helps modern employees deal with some very frustrating issues. If you have questions to ask us, we would like to hear them. Countrywide wants to be of service, and we will explain all our benefits and answer inquiries.