Great Service Reduces Stress – Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is an Industry Leader in Member Service


Employees are concerned about Artificial Intelligence (AI). They understand automation will be a part of the future workplace, but they worry about how it will affect their jobs. Anything that uses AI might add to the employment anxiety and group legal plans must be careful not to overuse automation.

AI makes things efficient at the cost of human interactions. A group legal plan should remember that pre-paid legal services are personal. Each plan member has a unique situation requiring attention. That same person might not understand the language of a legal document or what a public agency needs. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services knows the importance of the human touch. We encourage interaction.

Conferences Are Necessary

Countrywide has a nationwide network of attorneys who provide the services. They are not distant voices but local people who practice law in a client organizations’ community. Countrywide group legal plan members have a priority status and arranging a meeting is easy.

Some legal matters are straightforward. Others, such as writing a living will, can be complicated. A plan member may have some questions and need the attorney’s opinion. We allow a plan member to make as many telephone calls on a given subject as needed. This little extra service is deeply appreciated by our clients.

Dealing with the Other Party

Issues over warranties and contracts may require additional pre-paid legal services. The other party might be stubborn for additional information that might be needed to resolve an issue. Countrywide lawyers can make an unlimited number of telephone calls on behalf of a Countrywide plan member. The lawyer can also write letters for the plan member. These forms of communication can bring a swift resolution to what may seem to be a complex issue.

Employers Participate

Employers recognize that stress can damage productivity. They also know morale is not improved by useless benefits. Any benefit offered to the workforce must have usable services. We are aware of this and want to provide a legal plan everyone in the organization can use.

We guarantee that happens by permitting clients to select the benefit options. Organizations have a good idea of what their employees want. Decision-makers will choose those pre-paid legal services the employees truly need. We don’t mind if a client does not pick all our service options. The employer knows best, and selections will be part of the final plan.

We guarantee excellent service. Our administration is streamlined for fast delivery without sacrificing quality. Every plan member will get the same high level of service no matter what his or her title happens to be. We guarantee you lower stress and anxiety by how we deliver service.

The Countrywide attorney is the essential part of the service delivery for Countrywide’s group legal plan. That professional must be well-versed in the law but also show empathy. Many people talk on emotional intelligence but do not always provide it. We insist on good skills from our attorneys. It means not lecturing or criticizing a person for their lack of understanding the law. Our lawyers are patient with every plan member and explain terms in detail. Questions are never a problem and they will get answers.

Human resources has its ear to the ground when it comes to employee morale. They know better than most how good essential benefits are. We are proud of the fact that human resource executives have commented favorably about the Countrywide benefits and how they meet the needs of employees. We set ourselves to a high standard and we do everything to meet those expectations.

If you have any questions about the Countrywide group legal plan benefits, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. We welcome the opportunity to explain ourselves and we would like to be of service.