Professional Assistance Helps with Legal Documents – Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services Clears Up the Confusion


Legal documents are frustrating. There appears to be a need to report almost everything in a person’s life. Information is needed for many things in the document process to help people get what they need. However, it all seems to be a mountain of mysterious pages. Group legal plans must be able to help people with all the documents.

Those Documents Can Protect a Family

Drafting simple wills is a pre-paid legal services option the average group legal plan provides. The same is true for living wills. Family beneficiaries can easily get their portion of an estate if a simple will has been filed. A living will takes the burden of decision-making off the shoulders of a loved one and the same is true about medical powers of attorney. These legal documents allow a group legal plan member to prevent their death from becoming emotional theater.

Understanding the Words Help

Consumers will purchase warranties on appliances, automobile parts, and computer equipment. These contracts will make repair work less expensive. The language can be confusing, and an individual might need someone to interpret the sentences.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services knows that people appreciate help with warranties. We have a nationwide network of attorneys who are familiar with warranty language. These legal professionals will help by reviewing the language and explaining the document content. The attorneys will also assist in preparing a consumer protection complaint if that support is needed. Incidentally, a review of any legal document or contract up to six pages is a Countrywide pre-paid legal services benefit.

Other Useful Services

Countrywide group legal plan members have priority status with Countrywide lawyers and face-to-face meetings are easy to schedule. Follow-up questions after a meeting do not create a cost, because Countrywide allows an unlimited number of telephone calls on a given subject.

Situations happen where a third-party intervention is required. Countrywide lawyers write letters and make telephone calls on behalf of a plan member. A final extra service involves drafting a simple will. Countrywide sends out annual reminders so plan member can make changes and updates to this important document.

Clients Know Best

Countrywide has offered group legal plan benefits since 1987, but we don’t know everything about a prospective client. We work with all kinds of organizations and each has a unique workforce. We encourage client input because the client knows best; decision-makers understand what their employees need.

A client will decide what benefit options will be in their plan. Countrywide will explain the services, but we will not promote one benefit over another. We promise to provide the best possible member services. It means that our attorneys will demonstrate high levels of emotional intelligence. We expect that our legal professionals have excellent people skills.

A Major Benefit

No one should underestimate the value of assistance with legal documents. As mentioned earlier, it appears that so much of our lives depend on accurate legal language and legal papers that specify responsibilities. Being able to access attorneys who have the right expertise makes life a lot easier for many people.

Countrywide knows that legal services are rarely courtroom dramas. Instead, the filing of necessary papers, the meeting of mandated deadlines, and the correct information being supplied are all trademarks of the best attorneys. We can give people access to superior legal advice at a price that the average person can afford.

Employees want to have the kind of benefits they can use, and pre-paid legal services is one. People appreciate employers who can offer this kind of assistance and the service helps booster morale and loyalty. An organization is providing something employees want and need when they offer a Countrywide plan.

If you have any questions about what we can do, please feel free to contact us. We welcome the chance to explain to you all we can do to help your employees with their legal needs.