Guardianships / Conservatorships During COVID-19 These Protect the Helpless

stockfresh_1532919_senior-couple-medical-bills_sizeS-300x200COVID-19 has presented unusual challenges to the judiciary system and the public. What used to be routine administrative work for the courts is being adjusted because of lockdowns and efforts to keep law courts and judiciary buildings safe. Conservatorships are means of protecting someone who can’t adequately care for himself/herself. Group legal plans have a reputation for providing advice and guidance to plan members on all kinds of legal issues. These programs must be able to help with conservatorship matters.


Protecting the Elderly


The primary beneficiaries of the conservatorship are the elderly. This demographic may be dealing with both physical and mental health conditions. They can be easily deceived by scams and false promises. The old are also the primary targets of coronavirus. They may not be able to do simple errands or visit banks and financial institutions. A conservator is someone who can perform necessary duties on behalf of an older person.


There are several types of conservatorship: probate, which manages the individual’s estate; limited, which grants authority over specific areas of the person’s life; and LPS(Lanterman-Petris Short), which is used in the case of a mentally ill adult. Establishing a conservatorship will require a petition and a court hearing. This entire process is affected by coronavirus protocols. It can get even more confusing because of the safety precautions and legal help is necessary. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a group legal plan benefit that allows people to have access to a reputable attorney.


Sound Legal Advice Is Critical


Countrywide’s national network of attorneys provides the pre-paid legal services that ordinary people need to deal with everyday legal situations. Our lawyers have experience with numerous problems, including the creation of conservatorship in these trying times.


Temporary conservatorships might be the best solution for many cases. It creates emergency protection without the delays caused by creating a permanent conservatorship. Courts will delay processing but filing for conservatorships is still possible. The challenge is how to do it the right way.


That is where the Countrywide attorney becomes a valuable service provider. States can have their own rules for the filing and the Countrywide lawyer is aware of these. A group legal plan member can have a meeting with a Countrywide attorney that respects social distancing protocols. The attorney can advise the plan member on what to do and how it is done. Additional assistance is provided in helping a person to a proper filing.


Our pre-paid legal services include allowing Countrywide lawyers to write letters and make telephone calls on behalf of a plan member. These communications help to expedite everything. The judicial system can be a ponderous animal, but a Countrywide lawyer can get it moving so that a temporary or emergency conservatorship is established. An older person, someone who is vulnerable to the coronavirus, is thus protected.


With the Help of the Client


Employees need extra help in these rough times. Organizations that provide helpful services to their employees are rewarded with higher retention rates and better productivity from the workforce. A Countrywide group legal plan is a benefit that is deeply appreciated by the rank and file.


We want to provide a benefit that every employee of a client organization will use. We ask for input from the client to do this. We will explain our benefits to management and then ask the decision-makers to select those services which will be part of the Countrywide benefit. We provide administrative services for those pre-paid legal services benefits. Clients can expect empathy from our attorneys as well as social distancing and safety protocols in place.


Our services are the kind that everyday people can use to correct complicated problems. We are committed to doing the absolute best to help. If you have any questions about Countrywide or our group legal plan benefits, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We are willing to answer any questions and would welcome the chance to be of service.