Helping Stressed Out Remote Employees Countrywide Benefits Lowers a Person’s Anxiety

stockfresh_356578_hand-with-help-flag-sticking-out-of-papers_sizeL-201x300Everyone loves the idea of working from home. The pandemic has convinced management that more people can be remote workers and do not need to be at the office physically. It is great until the honeymoon is over. Situations change after that.


Stress and Depression Issues


Working from home means the individual creates the work structure. That is radically different from workplaces with clearly defined borders. Schedules are no longer set, and everything is fluid. It can take a while to get used to the new normal.


Remote employees have the stress of creating their workspace and hours. They do not have the traditional human contact of the office and feel isolated. It can result in depression that can affect work quality.


Management should consider these internal problems and try to reduce them. Employee benefits that can handle common issues are positive responses. Good group legal plans help resolve everyday legal challenges. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a group legal plan benefit that corrects problems and reduces stress.


Working with Legal Situations


We have a nationwide network of attorneys who provide excellent pre-paid legal services. A Countrywide attorney practices law in the community where a client organization does business and Countrywide plan members have priority status. It is easy to contact a Countrywide lawyer.


People encounter frustrating situations such as dealing with government bureaucracy or consumer protection issues. Our lawyers are seasoned professionals who offer guidance to resolve problems. We encourage the attorneys to go the extra mile and provide a pre-paid legal services plan member with tools necessary to end a bad situation. A Countrywide attorney can make telephone calls and write letters on behalf of plan members. These same plan members may contact the attorney and ask as many questions as they like on a given matter. That is in addition to a streamlined administration that increases efficiency.


Providing Service with Compassion


We have been providing group legal plan benefits for organizations since 1987, and we are aware of the human condition. Loneliness can be detrimental and those who work at home can feel isolated. Our attorneys are recruited for their legal skills. We also insist on high levels of emotional intelligence. Listening carefully to an individual can solve a lot of issues. Our attorneys are patient and will explain complicated legal terminology while not making a person feel stupid.


The Employer Has a Say


Organizations trust those people who work at home and at a distance from the office. Decision-makers who care about their staff want to help relieve any stresses that may come from being out of the office. Countrywide has a group legal plan benefit that can handle some of the legal anxieties that arise from common incidents. We do not know the demographics of an organization and, consequently, we do not have a good idea of what benefits are needed. Management does.


We asked prospective clients to determine what benefits will be part of their pre-paid legal services plan. We explain all our services in detail, but at the end of the day, the organization decides what will be in the final plan document. We respect the decision and will not try to one service over another. It results in a benefits plan that fits like a glove and takes care of all employees.


The working world is becoming accustomed to changes that were discussed but rarely implemented. Working from home carries with it a lot of incentives for both management and employees. To get the most out of the new way of doing business, management must respond to personal issues that may hamper productivity. We believe that our group legal plan benefit will take a lot of stress off the shoulders of hard-working employees. It can make work from home become a desirable way of doing business.


If you have any questions about our pre-paid legal services benefits, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We are ready to explain everything we have to offer and will gladly answer all your questions.