Benefit the Work from Home Employee Countrywide Has a Great One for Them

stockfresh_3231743_man-putting-coin-into-small-piggy-bank_sizeS-300x200COVID-19 is making dramatic changes in the workplace. The old cubicles might replace open space offices as organizations try to reduce the chance of viral infection. Work from home is no longer something to think about; it is now becoming a corporate reality. The opportunity for people to work from home provides a lot of benefits for everyone. Smart employers are going to look beyond the commonly discussed opportunities for home-based work. They look at ways to use employee benefits to make working from home more enjoyable and increase the chances of higher productivity as a consequence.


People working from home are going to be enjoying financial gains from not going to the office. Commuting costs are drastically reduced, and childcare expenses vanish. Someone who has been living from paycheck to paycheck will suddenly find extra money after all bills have been paid. It is a great feeling, but it produces a serious question: what to do with the extra cash? There is a temptation to spend the money on frivolous things, but there is an opportunity to make significant financial wellness improvements. Employers who help people better manage their extra income are giving these stay-at-home workers a considerable benefit. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a financial wellness program that assists people in making decisions about their money.


Taking the Advice of Professional Counselors


The Countrywide benefit relies on a national network of certified counselors. These people advise on everyday financial matters and there is one located in the communities of Countrywide clients.


It is a fact that employees often lived from paycheck to paycheck and could use some help in determining what to do with more money. The Countrywide counselor performs a budget analysis to get a better idea of the existing cash flow of a plan member. That information allows the counselor to give better guidance.


The counselor will discuss financial wellness opportunities. These professionals will suggest to an employee that certain expenses can be better met with some little adjustment in the budget. The extra cash resulting from working at home can be allocated to pay college loans, save for a house, or pay off credit card balances. The Countrywide counselor can show how to re-budget for the sake of better financial wellness. Some of the things that will be recommended may be ideas that never crossed the plan member’s mind. A Countrywide counselor can expand horizons and show a person how to take full advantage of the paycheck windfall.


Employers Will Benefit


Our financial wellness plan has several options. We ask employers to help us fine-tune their Countrywide plan, so it better meets the needs of employees. Decision-makers are shown all our benefits and select the ones they think the employees will want. We provide the administration of those services.


Our counselors give plan members priority treatment. The counselors have high levels of emotional intelligence and to communicate effectively with people. The concern about safety in this coronavirus pandemic is addressed, and counselors will use social distancing so that people feel safe.


Employers will benefit from the appreciation and increased loyalty of those employees working from home. The organization’s employee benefits can will be helped, as well. For example, the Countrywide counselor might recommend a plan member invest more money in the 401(k) program or the health spending accounts that employers already provide. There is a severe possibility that work from home employees will become more involved with existing benefits and take advantage of the opportunities these can provide.


Working from home will become less a phenomenon and a more accepted way of work in the days to come. Organizations can stay one step ahead of the trend by providing employee benefits that make working at home more advantageous and productive. If you have any questions about our benefits, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We will gladly answer all your questions and show the advantages derived from a Countrywide financial wellness plan.