Helping with Public Agencies – We Can Slice Through the Bureaucracy


Government does not dominate our lives, but it influences our decisions. Ordinary people rely on government services at local, state, and federal levels. Public bureaucracies do not have a great sense of urgency: things are done methodically and deliberately. The slow pace drives people crazy. The best group legal plans assist with public agencies as a pre-paid legal services benefit.

Walking through a Public Labyrinth

A government agency for most people is nothing but cubicles and doors. It’s hard to find the right public employee and time is wasted in the search. Certain public services have specific application deadlines. Those who are a day late may need to start over again. This is frustrating when major activities such as property tax appeals are delayed. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services knows how important speed is in obtaining required services. We help with public agencies as a Group Legal Plan benefit.

Proactive Countrywide Services

We have a nationwide network of lawyers who will provide help. These professionals practice law in a client’s community and are readily available for a personal conference.

A plan member might have an urgent need for public services. Family members might require medical treatment supplied by government agencies or tutors for disabled children. Delays will only add to the problem. Countrywide lawyers will move quickly.

Countrywide plan members receive priority treatment. Our attorneys will review the situation and assist in getting government help. The attorney has worked with the bureaucracy and knows what is needed. He or she guides the Group Legal Plan member to the right office or cubicle. Applications have the right information and any deadline is met. These things happen when a Countrywide expert is providing support.

Our Assistance with Public Agencies Is Efficient

Countrywide has secondary pre-paid legal services that will move matters along. Communication is critical. Countrywide permits attorneys to write letters and make telephone calls for the plan member. This extra support keeps things running smoothly. A plan member can make an unlimited number of telephone calls on a given subject to a Countrywide attorney. This eliminates any confusion and keeps the process rolling along.

Employers Have a Say

Organizations want to provide efficient benefits to all their employees. Benefits that are not used are a waste of time and money. We at Countrywide understand this and we want to offer benefits that everyone has an opportunity to use. It makes sense to have decision-makers choose the options because they know what their employees need.

Decision-makers will choose the options. We will explain every one of our benefits and let the organization decide. A client has an opportunity to create a very comprehensive Group Legal Plan, where the benefits complement each other and provide even better service for plan members. Whatever the selection is, those services will be part of the final plan document. Our administration is designed specifically to provide help as soon as possible. No one waits too long for the help he or she needs.

Public employees are not deliberately stalling. They want to provide help to people, but the bureaucrats are also required to follow rules and regulations that have been specified. Countrywide lawyers can cut through the red tape and assist the plan members in getting what they need from the government. We make sure that all questions are answered and any confusion is cleared up. Plan members appreciate our commitment to efficiency and empathy. Emotional intelligence is more than just a phrase for Countrywide: it is expected from all our lawyers and a big part of our pre-paid legal services.

We want to be able to explain our Group Legal Plan benefits to you and how they can help your employees. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We firmly believe that what we offer will make things a lot easier for your hard-working staff.