Here is to Your Health

Medical Bills Can Be Handled

Deductibles and co-stockfresh_1097132_medical-chart_sizeS-300x300payments are not a problem to a healthy person. There is no great need to be concerned because health insurance is rarely used. However, accidents can happen and they do not always result in minor injuries. There are several circumstances where medical debt can pose a danger to financial wellness.

It Can Add to the Overall Load

It is reasonable for health insurance companies to ask the insured to cover some of the cost. These are in the form of co-pays and deductibles. Unfortunately, deductibles have increased to $5000 or more. Not everybody has to deal with a cancer operation, but a broken shoulder can result in a cost of well over $25,000 for the surgery. The deductible must be met before full insurance takes over. If for some reason treatment relating to the operation goes beyond the calendar year, then the deductible has to be met once again in the new year.

It can hit a millennial hard. His or her financial wellness may already be in jeopardy because of college loan debt. Medical bills will only add to the challenge. There needs to be a way out of this difficulty. Good advice and guidance is the starting point. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants to help maintain a person’s financial wellness. It is why we have a program that addresses personal finances, including medical debt.

The size of a medical bill can stagger anybody. An individual may believe there is no way out of a deep debt pit. Countrywide has a nationwide network of certified counselors to provide help. The support begins with a budget analysis. The counselor reviews income and expenses, devising a practical way out of the difficulty. If it is necessary, a debt management plan may be advised. This is an additional expense, but it is worth it in certain situations. Countrywide knows that there may be a lot of questions on the part of financial wellness plan member. Our secondary services include face-to-face consultations and unlimited telephone calls to the counselor on a given situation. These talks can calm a person’s nerves considerably.

Employers Will Benefit as Well

Organizations provide medical insurance to help employees. It is appreciated, but the deductibles can be quite high. The out-of-pocket costs can make the insurance coverage appear almost insignificant. Employers can go one step further in assisting with financial wellness with the countrywide plan. We understand that organizations are cost-conscious and want to get as much benefit as possible for the cost. We permit organizations to choose what options will be in the final plan.

It is all about providing the best service. Countrywide has 30 years of experience in benefit plans, and we know the importance of employer input. The selections made are those that will be most needed by the workforce. Whatever the client chooses, Countrywide inserts into the final plan document.

Countrywide Services are Efficient!

Our services which support the provision of assistance will always be part of the program. We’ve already mentioned how easy will be for anyone to get a face-to-face consultation, but that is only part of what we intend to do on behalf of a plan member. Countrywide has deliberately streamlined administration of its benefit plans. This means anyone who needs to take advantage of the benefit options will not have to wait. Our staff and those others who work for us will provide prompt service whenever it is required of us.

Higher deductibles are needed to keep medical expenses down, but the added cost creates friction in the ranks. Management can make things more bearable by having any kind of assistance in dealing with the debt load. Countrywide is here to help employees get a better handle on their financial