Excellent Communication is Critical

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We live in a world that is many times impersonal. When we want services and information, we are directed to commonly asked questions pages and requested to fill out forms. This is all done for Internet efficiency. That may be reasonable for retail products, but it can be a disaster for group legal plan.

Judicial Subjects are Hard to Comprehend

Legal matters can frighten and confuse. A person may not understand contract language at all and may be very concerned about dealing with public agencies. There is a need for better communication than a computer screen image. Legal services must include a level of communication that goes beyond filling in the blanks. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services gives help that includes client communication.

What people do not understand makes them nervous. Legal matters can be very confusing, and that adds to a plan member’s anxiety. Countrywide has a nationwide network of attorneys to provide service to group legal plan members. We are careful in the selection of these professionals. They must show expertise in the law but also have client sensitive skills.

Countrywide lawyers are in the community and arranging for a face-to-face consultation is easy to do. The lawyer will then go over things with group legal plan member, and provide the very best service to this individual. Questions arise all the time and getting answers are important. Rather than use a question and answer page on the website, we allow people to make as many telephone calls to the attorney as needed in a given situation. That way, confusion is eliminated and anxiety reduced. These are all the personal things that we do in communication, but it does not stop there.

Issues with warranties and small claims court dealings may require a special communication. It is reaching out to the other party in very formal legal language. This kind of letter is something that the attorney from Countrywide can do easily for any group legal plan client. Written on legal stationery, an attorney can correspond with the other party. While this does not mean that the attorney will threaten anyone, the facts of the situation and possible consequences can be expressed.

These formal communications are not limited to letters, either. A Countrywide attorney will, on behalf of a plan member, provide pre-paid legal services which include telephone calls to the other party. It has happened many times in the past that hearing the voice of a legal professional can make a stubborn person see reason. The extra services often prevented circumstances from getting out of hand and leading to lawsuits.

Making the Right Decisions

Our 30 years of experience providing excellent service helps us better appreciate how important client involvement is in plan design. While we can suggest various options, the decision-makers of an organization know what is best for their employees. Consequently, we actively seek the input from management when it comes to pre-paid legal services. We encourage decision-makers to look at our various options and decide what their employees will use.

Countrywide services are intended to support any option selected. The communications described above will be available no matter what is in the final plan design. We want to be certain that any pre-paid legal services Countrywide provides are efficiently administered. We have a streamlined administration to make certain this is possible. It goes without saying that no plan member must wait very long for help.


Various forms of communication allow pre-paid legal services to be better used. Members appreciate letters being written on their behalf and easy to arrange consultations. The benefits themselves are going to help anyone with modern day situations. We encourage human resources directors and other decision-makers to contact us to find out more about the Countrywide plan.