Hold on To Your Dream Countrywide Helps in House Buying

stockfresh_5532754_home-mortgage-concept_sizeS-300x300The pandemic is causing considerable depression. People worry about their future and wonder if any dreams will come true in the current circumstances. Buying a house is something many young employees want to do. They are afraid this wish might be just a fantasy.


There Are Some Challenges


Furloughs and quarantines are digging holes in savings. The money that was intended for a down payment on the house is being eaten up by daily needs-even those who are getting back to work face some problems.


Financial wellness can be hit by loans and obligations that need payment. College loans and credit card debt must be addressed and then there is the question of back rent being owed. A final obstacle is real estate itself. The industry has its language, and mortgage lenders require certain financial guarantees from anyone who wants to have a mortgage. All of this is enough for a person to give up. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services does not want that to happen to anyone. We have a financial wellness program and the program “Make Your Move,” which can make homeownership a real possibility.


Financial Advice from True Professionals


Countrywide feels that contact with a human being is essential when getting benefits. We do not rely on website information but have a nationwide network of certified counselors who offer guidance. These are people who have experience in assisting others with everyday financial situations. One is in the community of any Countrywide client and it is easy to get in contact with them. The Countrywide financial wellness plan member, by the way, gets priority treatment.


Budgets are essential when it comes to buying a house. This is ordinarily the most substantial financial investment any person makes, and monthly mortgage invoices must be paid. The Countrywide counselor will gladly look at a person’s cash flow and determine how to adjust the budget for that sizable monthly obligation. Just a few suggestions on how to realign the budget and the mortgage payment becomes affordable. 


Make Your Move Clears the Way


It is a self-study program that explains homebuying. Anyone inexperienced in real estate finds out about the various procedures, the terminology that is frequently used, and all the critical people who play a role in purchasing a house. There is excellent advice on what to look for in a home and how to avoid unnecessary expenses. A lot of confusion is cleared up throughout the course.


Financial Wellness Advice at a Distance


We know that people are worried about coronavirus and possible infection. We want to assure prospective clients that our counselors are aware of social distancing and practice it. The Countrywide counselor will arrange a meeting so that a person feels safe and that necessary information is shared.

Employers Are Part of the Process


Employers want to help their hard-working staff, but they want the best possible benefit for the money. We understand that, and we ask employers to select what financial wellness options will be part of their group plan. Countrywide will provide the administrative services that assure plan members get what they need quickly. A client can expect the absolute best member services from the Countrywide counselors. People skills, as well as financial expertise, is part of the bargain.


Owning a home is something every hard-working employee wants. These people appreciate employers who go out of the way to help make a dream come true. Countrywide provides advice and the self-study program to help make owning a home a reality. Our benefits program is something that offers excellent service to people.


You may have some questions about the Countrywide financial wellness plan. We would welcome the opportunity to explain it to you. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We appreciate any opportunity to explain the value of our program.