We Will Make Referrals for Our Plan Members Exceptional Circumstances May Require It

95322156-attorney-clients-shacking-hands-deal-contract-negotiations-300x200Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services takes pride in offering solutions to common legal challenges. It can be drafting simple wills, reviewing legal documents, or other legal matters that an employee might face. Our nationwide network of experienced attorneys is ready to help. There are situations requiring specialized assistance, however.

The Different Faces of Law

There are areas of the law that happen to be unique niches. Immigration, Marine, and Real Estate law are examples. Problems in specialized areas require different kinds of legal help, the kind our lawyers do not ordinarily handle. Countrywide is committed to helping our group legal plan members. We will not hesitate to do a referral if needed.

The Countrywide Referral Program

We do something that not all group legal plans do. Countrywide will refer people to attorneys who have specialized legal knowledge.

A person might get worried about using such attorneys because their fees are usually rather high. There is no need to worry if that person happens to be a Countrywide group legal plan member. Lawyers to whom we refer people charge special member rates. A Countrywide plan member gets a 25% discount on hourly and scheduled rates. Furthermore, contingency fees will be provided at a 10% discount from the standard contingency percentages.

We respect these other attorneys, but we also keep a close eye. Countrywide receives a detailed fee schedule from every referred attorney as part of the agreement. There will be no hidden costs charged to a Countrywide person. There are no cost surprises; just the best service given to an individual.

We Want Client Input

Countrywide has several pre-paid legal services options. We want to provide a group legal plan that serves all members. We asked the client to choose those options that will be included in their plan. Because the client has a better understanding of its workforce, its decision-makers will select the services employees require. Countrywide provides administrative services that get assistance to group legal plan members quickly.

There are a few things we want to point out about our referral program. People are genuinely concerned about the coronavirus pandemic and the risk of infection. We insist that those attorneys to whom we refer people have protocols in place to provide for social distancing. Furthermore, we expect that our plan members be given the same level of courtesy that they would receive from a Countrywide attorney. Our pre-paid legal services insist on empathy, and we expect that from other lawyers.

Employers Are Helping Their Staff

Specialized attorneys are contacted because of unique situations. Their expertise may be needed for a given emergency. Employers who want to help their employees should seriously consider the pre-paid legal services of Countrywide and the possibility of referral if it is needed. It can help reduce the stress that a person feels and that is especially important.

Employees appreciate the consideration. It is great to know that when a problem arises, there are benefits that can help a person deal with the expenses and the needs. Employers quickly discover that the retention rates are longer, and productivity is much higher because they are concerned.

Countrywide has a reputation in the industry for providing the best. Anyone interested in Countrywide should check our references and our status with the Better Business Bureau. They will find that we are recognized for our integrity and superior member services.

If you have any questions about the Countrywide pre-paid legal services, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We appreciate any chance to explain our benefits to people and how employees will significantly benefit from what we do. Ask as many questions as you like; we will answer every one of them completely.