Identity Theft Protection Can Stop Hackers

Credit Monitoring Will Sound Alarms



We all have good reason to worry about hacking. It is the most common form of cyber theft and is an industry by itself. Hackers are very sophisticated in the work that they do and pose a very serious threat to financial wellness. It takes more than a standard group legal plan to confront these criminals.

Hackers Are Getting Better

Hackers have become increasingly more ingenious and bold. This year has already seen both Chipotle, and Verizon hacked by outside parties. These Internet thieves are not creating individual credit card accounts with the information. Instead, they are selling bundles of stolen data to others who will then use the information for their own purposes. It can be very frightening.

Folks don’t know about the identity theft until they receive the credit card notices later in the month. This shows the level of damage. It gets worse if the hackers can break into bank accounts, taking every penny, a person has. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is aware of the dangers. In addition to our other group legal plan benefits, we offer ID theft protection and credit monitoring.

The Best Type of Assistance

Choice is how group legal plans work in the Countrywide system. A prospective client can choose what pre-paid legal services benefits will be part of the plan. We do the same thing with our identity protection and credit monitoring. Clients may choose between the Premier Identity Theft Protector Plan or the Platinum Identity Protector Plan. Either one assists dealing with hackers in a variety of ways:

  • Daily credit monitoring with email alerts from the three largest credit bureau reporting services in the country (Experian™, Equifax™, and TransUnion™). Monthly credit score updates also are provided.
  • 25,000 of Identity Theft Insurance. Trying to rebuild credit integrity after a hacking theft takes more than just time. Monies involved to for all the various expenses such as affidavit filing. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers identity theft insurance which can help a person with those fees as well as compensate for time away from work.
  • Useful Information. It depends on the plan selected but may include monthly newsletters and customer support for any questions. Countrywide does its best to provide useful tips and advice to anyone covered under one of our plans.

Speed and Sensitivity

Hacking makes any victim feel vulnerable. It creates a sense of panic and uncertainty about the safety of personal records. Countrywide recognizes the state of mind can be deeply upset. We do what we can to reduce anxiety.

  • Immediate Service. Thanks to a highly efficient administrative process help calm troubled waters. We provide help as covered in the individual plan as soon as possible. Nobody is expected to wait extended periods. Our staff goes to work immediately upon getting notice of a hacker situation.
  • Deep Empathy. Countrywide is not a recorded message. Our people work with real situations and are expected to have considerable personal skills. Listening and responding are extremely important; we want plan members to feel they are getting the very best service. We expect the best from the group legal plan benefits and ID Theft Prevention is no different.

As soon as the plan member has become calm, he or she can then move forward to correct the problem. Our services make it much easier. Those who do not have ID protection face a long road ahead in resolving the issue. Employers want their workers to concentrate on goals and objectives. Distractions such as a hacker attack only serve to disrupt the flow of work. Countrywide wants to help our clients avoid these kinds of distressed situations.

Our pre-paid legal services benefits are also meant to help solve modern-day problems. Each one addresses a particular area of concern, and we also have secondary benefits that make things more efficient. We encourage decision-makers to contact us and ask us about these services and about of our group legal plan benefit. We seek to help employers provide great benefits for their employees. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us. Countrywide appreciates the chance to explain its benefits.