Immigrants Need Help Countrywide Can Assist

immigration-doors-300x288Foreign-born workers see America as the land of their opportunity. The jobs they hold enable them to use their skills, and they enjoy the conveniences we often take for granted. However, America is a strange and different country to many. Our way of life is hard for them. High-quality group legal plans help these hard workers successfully handle essential issues.

Common Hurdles

A foreign-born associate often faces these obstacles:

  • Language Barriers. A person can be fluent in English, but legalese is something else. Many terms in legal documents are strange even to someone born and raised in the United States.


  • Newcomers to the Process. American public agencies follow guidelines that are bewildering. Foreign employees are easily frustrated by bureaucratic procedures they never dealt with before. Pre-paid legal services that assist in obtaining needed services are appreciated.


  • Intimidation. People in the United States are entitled to have products that work. Consumer protection laws are on the books so consumers can report faulty products. Immigrants can be intimidated by warranties and generally do not want to cause trouble. They hesitate to file a complaint.

These folks have a right to better service and help from the government. Employers can step forward to support foreign workers, and a good group legal plan is essential. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services knows that legal assistance can help employees deal with life in a new country. We provide a group legal plan that has superior member services.

Sensitive Professionals

Countrywide uses a nationwide network of lawyers to aid group legal plan members. There is a Countrywide attorney in every community that has a Countrywide client. These attorneys are recruited for their experience and legal expertise. However, there is something else we look for in the candidates.

It is empathy and good listening skills. Any employee and not just those from another country, want to have their problems addressed with respect. There’s a bit of anxiety in working with an attorney, and some people might be embarrassed by the difficulties they encounter. Our lawyers understand that.

A Countrywide lawyer will listen carefully to a group legal plan member’s dilemma. A meeting is not an opportunity to talk down to anyone, and our attorneys will never do that. Instead, a Countrywide attorney looks for solutions and gives the kind of advice people need to get out of the jam. In addition, Countrywide permits several pre-paid legal services, such as unlimited telephone calls on a given subject and writing letters on behalf of the plan member, to make it easier to provide superior help.

We Work Closely with All Clients

Each Countrywide plan is tailored to the needs of the client’s workforce. We can only do this if we work with an organization’s decision-makers. Our process for designing a benefit is very straightforward.

We will talk with the prospective client’s executives. Then, we explain each of our pre-paid legal services and respond to all the organization’s questions. We then step back and allow the client to decide what services will be part of the plan. We respect all selections and place them in the final plan document. The final puzzle pieces are the streamlined administration and the stellar member services we provide. Countrywide is hugely proud of the endorsements we have received from our clients. We do the best we can for each one of them.

Many people from a distant country want to stay in America and make it their home. This says a great deal about this country and what a fantastic place it is for so many people. Countrywide would like to provide a benefit that even the newcomers can enjoy. If you are interested in our benefits, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We want to be able to explain how we can help your hard-working employees