Internet Consumer Protection can be Tricky

The Internet was great for a lot of holiday shoppers. They were able to get what they wanted and have the presents shipped to the right place.

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Unfortunately, there were situations where the wrong item was sent or the shipment was made to the wrong address. There even were cases where the item was deficient. Consumer protection on the Internet is a little more involved than normal. You are working with stores that may be hundreds of miles away. The benefits of a group legal plan can help solve any difficulties.


The Law is There to Protect You

Cyberspace is not bandit country and the law is there to protect you. The Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule requires companies to deliver products within 30 days, or refund the cost. Another law, The Fair Credit Billing Act, stipulates you cannot be charged on your credit card for what has not been delivered. The auction sites such as Craigslist can be a challenge. You may be asked to deal directly with the vendor, and the site may not have a dispute settlement policy. Group legal services should include a way to handle consumer protection both on the ground and online. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services includes consumer protection assistance as one of the plan benefit options.

Dealing with Consumer Problems

There is always a reap of paperwork which has to be completed. This chore is a reason why many folks will not bother with a consumer protection complaint. Countrywide attorneys can help a group legal plan member complete the documents. The legal counsel can include tips on how to get the paperwork expedited through the various channels. There may be difficulty with the vendor, but Countrywide does have other group legal services which can be of help.

Countrywide attorneys will draft letters and make telephone calls on behalf of plan members. A reluctant online vendor perks up when an attorney is involved. This merchant does not want to bear the brunt of the law, and will make things right rather quickly. A group legal plan member might have to go to small claims court, and the Countrywide attorneys will help prepare the case. A series of group legal services options will help any plan member correct the problem brought on by Internet difficulties. This person is better able to get the right consumer protection because there is a Countrywide lawyer there to be of help.

Highly Efficient Service

It helps that the Countrywide attorney is part of the network so there’s one close by when a group legal plan member needs help. We see to it that service is provided right away; there is no long waiting period. Internet vendors usually will do everything to correct the problem. The ones that drag their heels will pick up the pace the Countrywide attorney contacts them.

Having help with consumer protection is an option that an organization may want in a plan. We, of course, have other options and we want the final plan to be something the organization can truly use. It is why we allow decision-makers to choose what group legal services will be in their particular plan. We customize the benefit to be a better service. It is what the client wants which will be provided.

Everyone is starting to catch their breath after a long holiday seasons shopping. Consumer complaints may start to rise, and it is important to have some help in processing. Countrywide offers that to organizations, and we have been providing help since 1987 to many groups. We can go over all of our options with any interested decision-maker or human resources director. We encourage all interested parties to contact us as soon as possible.