It’s Not Really a Small Matter

Small Claims Courts are Serious

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The judiciary is divided into a number of distinct courts to better serve the public. Certain legal issues are assigned to respective benches and become part of the legal calendar. Small claims happens to be one such court and the title is perhaps a bit misleading. This is the court that most people will be dealing with if a legal issue comes up, and that includes suing someone else. The amount is ordinarily $3-$5000, but in Tennessee you can sue for as much as $25,000. A group legal plan that seeks to provide needed help is going to include advice on dealing with small claims courts.

Getting the Facts Prepared

Smalls claims has an interesting characteristic to it: the attorney is ordinarily not in the court with the client. It doesn’t mean that legal expert plays no role. An element of legal assistance is the role an attorney plays in getting evidence ready for presentation. In a Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services group legal plan that is no small part to play.

Countrywide has been involved with group legal services benefits for more than 25 years. We know that good service means more than just giving an opinion on how to explain the evidence. In a group legal plan that we provide, the attorney has a variety of tools to use. He or she will gladly make telephone calls on behalf of the plan member. It may be necessary to write legal correspondence, and the Countrywide lawyer will do that for the plan member if requested. Whatever is practicable to let the plan member know he or she is not alone is within the range of group legal services our lawyers will provide.

Tracking down the Miscreant

The decision of the court may be in favor of the plan member, but that may not mean a lot.
The court will not actively pursue the other party. It is up to the winner to do that, but if that person has access to Countrywide group legal services it isn’t that great a challenge.

Countrywide will go the distance for the sake of a plan member. If the court award allows for the garnishment of wages, the Countrywide legal professional will help file the needed paperwork. Should payment involve placing a lien on the defendant’s property it will be done. Countrywide certainly wants its plan members to get what they deserve to receive. A warning letter from a Countrywide attorney may be all that is necessary to get the other party to cooperate.

Service that is proactive

Time is more than just a thief. Delays can drive a person absolutely crazy with anxiety and that is very true when it comes to legal issues. Countrywide benefits are purposely designed to deliver promptly on needed services. Our attorneys get right down to business whenever they are contacted. By the way, these professionals live in the area and any required face to face consultations are easy to arrange. The wheels of
Countrywide assistance move quickly. The service is top of the class thanks to our accepting only the best in our legal network. Human resources directors know how annoying legal issues can be, and how they harm the concentration of a hardworking employee. These decision makers whose companies use a Countrywide group legal services are pleased with the professional attention employees receive from our attorneys. It makes life a bit easier when plan members are given prompt attention.

Countrywide offers comprehensive legal benefits. We gladly tailor them to better meet the needs of any client. Whatever the organization wants in the group legal plan, we provide willingly.

Questions are never a problem and we encourage inquiries about all of our options. Contact us today!