Keeping Claims Experience Down

Less Stress Means Fewer Health Insurance Claims


Human resources directors worry about claims experience. The number of times employees make use of their healthcare adds to the overall cost. It can result in higher premiums charged the following year. Cardiovascular difficulties brought on by serious stress encourages claims filings. Organizations have wellness programs intended to safeguard the health of employees. A benefit which management needs to consider is financial wellness.

The reason is medically sensible: encouraging financial security is directly related to stress and anxiety. People worry a great deal about college loans, credit card debt, or how to finance the purchase of a house. The stress generated will increase blood pressure. A financial wellness plan cannot completely erase the chance of a stroke, but the support a person receives will allow this individual to have a better focus on economic challenges. That ends a lot of anxious feelings. Countrywide Pre- Paid Legal Services offers a plan which will help people take better control of their money situation.

We Use Only Certified Counselors

What is critical to efficient service is the human contact we allow. Countrywide does not just have web pages for reference. Our nationwide network of certified counselors can meet face-to-face with a plan member. These experienced professionals are problem solvers. They look at the current financial condition of the plan member and develop solutions. These answers to issues can be ways to negotiate debt repayments, options to be considered in buying a house, and government programs that will assist in paying off college debts. Our counselors know that excessive worry dominates the minds of many financial wellness plan members. Sessions with these people are not intended to be lectures on responsibility. The counselor respect every person with whom they work.

Stress Levels Drop

The stress relief comes from the advice and recommendations. An individual who is deeply concerned about credit card debt relaxes when the counselor shows various options. Those who have trouble with just developing a simple budget are less stressed after a session. Some people have problems so severe a debt management plan is the best option. This service cost a little bit more, but it creates a pathway out of a real jungle.

The benefit for an organization becomes apparent with the behavior of the plan member. Supervisors will notice how subordinates concentrate more on work projects at hand. There is less distraction and better focus. Human resources will discover that stress-related claims experience gradually begins to decrease. It happens when folks are less worried about credit cards or college loan payments.

The Value of Choice

Clients have a better understanding of what services are needed. They know from communicating with employees where financial wellness help can reduce anxiety. We want to have highly practical benefits in place. Therefore, we allow our clients to select which options will be a part of their individual financial wellness plan. A client may decide to offer support for credit card debt, but not allow for house buying education. It is fine with us. We provide the very best service to the clients and focus that support on the benefit options selected. Countrywide plan members receive priority attention from our counselors. We also see to it that administration is efficient and timely.

Claims experience is a serious issue, and human resources departments work hard to decrease the figures. A traditional wellness program combined with financial wellness provides a comprehensive benefits approach. The former helps an employee develop a healthy lifestyle, and the latter creates a healthier approach to finances. Together, these benefits lower stress and anxiety, which leads to smaller claims experience figures. Our program has several options. Human resources directors will be able to notice right away how Countrywide benefits will help employees. We encourage these people professionals to contact us to find out more about our benefits and discover the Countrywide solutions.