Keeping Peace in the House

Calming Any Domestic Storm with Great Legal Service

Everyone wants to think of home as a safe and quiet refuge from the crazy world outside. It usually is, but the front door cannot always hold back issues from the outside. It is also possible that there are internal domestic problems that can go raging through the rooms. Legal matters can be extremely stressful and occupy a hard-working employee’s mind. Employers who want to really help will include in the corporate benefits package a voluntary benefit that covers legal services.

Stress Comes from All Directions

Trouble that can destabilize a home will come from all directions. It may be matters such as child custody, immigration issues for a member of the family, or disputes with the landlord over the rental agreement. These can all come at once and cause anxiety to spike. A good group legal plan covers all kinds of problems that disrupt domestic quiet. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a voluntary benefit plan that gives a plan member of the kind of legal assistance necessary to calm the waters.

Issues such as small claims court disputes and consumer complaints can be handled by a Countrywide group legal plan. There is a network of attorneys who can be contacted immediately for help. These attorneys, by the way, live in the same area and are familiar with the domestic issues faced by community members. Overall service to a voluntary benefit plan member includes unlimited number of phone calls on a given matter, correspondence and telephone calls made by the attorney on the individual’s behalf, and review of contracts up to six pages. These are the kind of aids a person truly needs at a time of crisis in the home. The attorneys treat every voluntary benefit plan member is if he or she were the only client. In other words, no issue is considered just a case file. The lawyers will act promptly and efficiently on behalf of a plan member.

The Caring Touch

Countrywide attorneys are experts in their practice areas. We screen these people for their knowledge prior to allowing them to be part of any group legal plan. Countrywide also goes one step further when it comes to quality of service. We make certain that a lawyer has strong communication skills and a sincere sense of empathy for people. Human resources directors have always commented favorably on the respect shown to members of a Countrywide voluntary benefit plan. We believe that our job is to not only solve a problem, but reduce the stress and anxiety a legal emergency can bring. Our attorneys help to bring peace and quiet back to the home.

Plan Designs Are Flexible

Countrywide has designed group legal plan benefits since 1987. We have worked with a variety of organizations and we appreciate that there are unique needs that have to be met. We take great pride in being very flexible with any legal services plan we design. We work with decision-makers to construct just the right legal benefit for the employees. Human resources has enough to worry about and we do not wish to add to a department’s workload. That is why Countrywide benefits are constructed to be easily administered. We provide a usable service and not a mountain of paperwork.

Employees that are concerned about domestic issues are not fully concentrating on work assignments. We want to help these productive people focus more attention on projects than on crisis. We offer service that brings peace of mind to a valuable employee. Countrywide has a number of options that decision-makers might want to consider as part of a voluntary benefit.

We encourage you to contact us today and ask as many questions as they would like. We would welcome the opportunity to be of service.

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