Service Defines A Great Legal Benefit

All that can be done makes it appealing

Smart employers know the value of good benefits for the morale of employees. It is those little extras in the overall compensation package that make employees appreciate being part of a company. A benefit that can reduce outside anxiety and frustration is especially valued by the workforce. It is why a voluntary benefit plan for legal services is so worthwhile to have.

Important Help for All Legal Matters

Modern society is full of legal requirements. Everything seems to have to have paper behind it, and there are so many issues that require legal advice. A good group legal plan will connect plan members to an attorney in the legal network. This legal professional will perform all kinds of service which can include contract review, advice on domestic law, and help preparing small claims court cases to name just a few benefits. Countrywide Prepaid Legal Services offers a benefit for legal services that is very comprehensive. The Personal Legal Protector Plan provides assistance in a variety of legal situations that a person may be confronted with. The network of attorneys associated with a Countrywide plan provide services that also include consumer protection, landlord/tenant disputes, and the preparation of living wills. These are lawyers that aren’t hundreds of miles away. In fact, a Countrywide attorney may be doing business down the street; seeing to it that a voluntary benefit plan member gets needed assistance with a local problem.

Taking Service One Step Further Is a Countrywide Feature

Major issues can aggravate an employee and the small steps to resolve them can be very frustrating. Countrywide attorneys perform routine tasks that lighten the anxiety of a plan member considerably. Anyone who is part of a Countrywide voluntary benefit plan is entitled to an unlimited number of phone calls to the attorney on a given situation, and an attorney will also write letters and make telephone calls on behalf of the plan member. Many times it is that communication from the attorney that causes the other side to be more open to a compromise. It can happen that a legal problem requires highly specialized knowledge that is beyond the ordinary. Countrywide will provide for referrals in such matters with reduced rates and discounts made available.

The Countrywide group legal plan is known for its empathy. Plan members know that when they speak with a Countrywide lawyer they will receive courtesy and respect. We screen all of our attorneys for legal knowledge and people skills before letting them be associated with a Countrywide voluntary benefit plan. Plan members are made to feel very comfortable and confident that they are receiving the very best possible service.

Human resources directors have commented on the flexibility of our group legal plan design. We have provided legal services benefits since 1987 and we have worked with all types of organizations. We don’t provide a boilerplate benefit. We work with decision-makers to make sure that the voluntary benefit plan offered to employees is exactly what is needed. The administration of these benefits is purposely made as easy as practicable. We want to provide a usable benefit and not a complicated task for the human resources department.

Countrywide wants to provide the best group legal plan for its clients. We have a variety of options that employers may want to consider to make the voluntary benefit even more appealing to the workforce. These added services provide a firm umbrella of protection for hard-working people.

We certainly welcome the opportunity to talk with any human resources director or corporate system decision-maker about all of our services. Please contact us and ask about our benefits.