No Need to Fight City Hall

Legal Assistance gets bureaucracy moving

Local government prides itself on being a servant of the people. The only difficulty is sometimes it can be a person’s worst nightmare. Bureaucracy has a bad habit of making the simplest things complicated. There can be forms and applications for house renovation, vendors licenses, and simple rights of ownership. Most of the paperwork is meant to make sure that no one is cheated, and the laws and city ordinances are obeyed. Still, it would be nice to cut through the red tape. Companies can help by providing a group legal plan that offers some important assistance.
A Forest of Rules

Local ordinances have to be obeyed or else there are consequences. Nobody is out to deliberately break the law but the procedures can be extremely confusing. The legal advice offered by an attorney in a voluntary benefit plan can help an individual walk through what seems to be a forest of guidelines. The services of a group legal plan are even better if the attorney happens to be from the local area. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a legal benefit that uses a network of attorneys to provide legal support. The Personal Legal Protector Plan enables plan members to get in contact with an attorney who practices in the vicinity and knows how the local government operates.

This legal professional is familiar with the various rules and regulations of the public agencies. He or she has worked with many of these organizations and has contact with people who can be consulted. It allows for necessary information to be easily obtained, and the attorney can let a voluntary benefit plan member know precisely what has to be done in a given situation. Telephoning the public employees is part of the Countrywide group legal plan benefit. An attorney can also write correspondence if that is needed. The result is that required forms are filled out properly and the right material submitted. Countrywide’s voluntary benefit plan for legal assistance includes superior customer service. The attorneys treat every plan member as if he or she lived in the neighborhood (which in some cases may be true). All help is furnished immediately. Plan members notice how quickly their respective issues with the local officials are resolved once an attorney is contacted. It is because the Countrywide voluntary benefit plan is so efficient.

Tailored to Fit the Needs

It is a bad idea to offer a boilerplate group legal plan since the needs of one organization may be far different from that of another. Countrywide recognizes this. We tailor voluntary benefit plans to fit the needs and requirements of the client. Countrywide has worked in legal services since 1987 for all types of employers and associations. We are aware that human resources do not need yet another basket full of forms and our plan administration is as efficient as possible. Our flexibility has caused our clients to comment favorably on how easy it is to work with Countrywide. They also like the fact that service is provided quickly to any plan member. What we offer is the kind of benefit that gives excellent service with a caring touch.

We have a number of options and other benefits that may be of interest, including guards against ID theft. We provide the kind of protection possibilities that people living in our modern society need. The employer may decide that these other options to be part of the voluntary benefit plan. That is not a problem for us to include in the design.

We do appreciate all inquiries about our services and we invite decision-makers to contact us today. We have a few pleasant surprises for them to look at.