Know What You Are Worth Financial Decisions are Easier When You Do

stockfresh_215939_questions-and-answers-signpost_sizeS-300x200Financial advisers will tell their clients that planning is critical for security. Such suggestions became very sound advice when COVID-19 hit the economy. Many people were not ready for the emergencies that cropped up, and the pandemic placed their financial wellness in serious jeopardy. A good resolution is never to be caught by such surprises again!

Financial planning is essential, and it requires information that comes from paychecks and bank accounts, among other sources. A serious problem is people often have no idea about their finances. It sounds incredible that highly paid employees live from paycheck to paycheck, but it is true. Employers have an opportunity to help their subordinates get a better understanding of their individual value by offering some assistance. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services can provide meaningful support.

We Have a Useful Benefit

Countrywide offers financial wellness benefits that any employee can use. We rely on a national network of certified counselors who have experience working with various money issues, including helping a person develop a better understanding of his or her finances.

Our counselors have several tools that they use. A financial wellness plan member must know more about their cash flow, where the money comes from, and where it goes. Counselors use a budget analysis to dig out important information. Our professionals will look at the existing cash flow of a plan member and then note the expenses. A workable budget can be constructed with the counselor and plan member cooperating in the design work. It happens many times that a counselor can point out ways to deal with expenses and save for future purchases simultaneously more efficiently. What is great about the budget analysis is that it puts things in perspective and shows a clear financial picture.

Emergencies come up suddenly, and there are situations where a large amount of money needs to be available as soon as possible. Invoice can shock the system, but it does not have to be overwhelming. A Countrywide counselor to find the required assets with an asset inventory.

It means looking through old insurance policies, collectibles, and anything that a plan member can quickly sell.  Our counselors will help a plan member become divested of the assets needed to cover any payments. The ability to come up with ready cash is critical when someone is trying to buy a house.



Buying a House

This is the largest purchase most people are going to make in their working careers. Many hesitate because they do not know if they can afford to purchase a home. Countrywide offers a self-study course that can let a person know how much of a house he or she can easily buy. The study also explains ways to make house payments are affordable. It allows a financial wellness plan member to invest in the American dream, something most employees would love to be able to do.

With the Client by Our Side

Countrywide has several financial wellness benefit options that can be included in an overall plan for an organization. We want to create a benefit that every employee will be able to enjoy. We ask the prospective client’s decision-makers to look at our service offerings. We gladly explain all our options and let the client decide on which benefits will be part of their plan. What the client selects is what the client gets. We provide efficient administration and superior member services.

Employees appreciate getting help with financial wellness. They show their gratitude with enhanced productivity and reliable employee retention rates. We provide something that adds excellent quality to any employee benefits program. If you have any questions about Countrywide and what we offer, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We want to be able to show you how we will benefit your workers.