You Can Protect Your Employees from Identity Thieves Countrywide Has the Tools

stockfresh_3962479_identity-theft-revealed-in-computer-code-through-a-magnifying-gl_sizeS-273x300We talked about Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring Plans for individuals a few weeks earlier. We would like to bring to your attention the group plan we offer. Identity theft is a serious problem and high-tech employees are justifiably nervous about their security being hacked. An employer has a chance with Countrywide to assist those employees, and even use identity theft and credit monitoring as a recruiting incentive.

Identity theft is a significant crime that uses many strategies to get to personal information. Hacking is a common means of breaking through security to steal your data. It is not the only avenue the thieves will walk down, Phishing, robocalls, and bogus warning are employed. The damage is horrific.

Once a person’s identity is stolen, the information is a profit center for felons. Bank accounts are wiped out, and credit cards are maxed out. Sophisticated cyber thieves will bundle passwords and sell batches to criminal operations overseas. A victim might not know of the crime for weeks, time enough to make substantial mischief. Group legal plans should offer some way to address identity theft. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has the means to protect people and their information.

Client Discretion

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has an Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring Plan. We permit clients to choose benefit options, just as we do with our group legal plan benefit. Prospective clients can select from four plan options:

  1. Diamond Identity Theft Protector Plan
  2. Platinum Plus Identity Theft Protector Plan
  3. Premier Plus Identity Theft Protector Plan
  4. Silver Plus Identity Theft Protector Plan

Each plan has various services that can help a plan member safeguard personal information and recover from any identity assault. The assistance includes credit bureau updates, an insurance policy, and help with preparing documents. The dark web and Internet monitoring assistance use global searches to find a plan member’s data, and the investigation is done in over 25 languages. Reports on the use of a checking account are possible with every plan. There are some services, such as a credit score tracker or family protection, that only one or two of the above plans provide. What assistance the plan member has access to will depend on the selection made by the employer.

The service should fit the needs of the workforce to be cost-effective. Protection for employees in a knowledge base company will be different than a blue-collar construction company. We strongly suggest that an organization look carefully at every option. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is here to answer questions just as we do with group legal plan benefits. We do welcome the opportunity to explain the benefit options and respond to any inquiries. Our efficient administration and superior member services support everything.

Aiding with Emotional Stress

Anyone who is the victim of identity theft feels violated. Panic is the first emotion, and a sense of confusion follows. What can a person in the event of an identity robbery that might take weeks to fix? Plan members do not immediately know and might be intimidated by the decision which must be made.

We know about the emotional stress placed on a victim’s back. A plan member can expect a quick response and lots of empathy from Countrywide. Those who work for a Countrywide plan listen carefully to all the plan member’s concerns. We will do our best to assist a person in restoring credit ratings and preparing information for submission.

We cannot understate the value of this benefit in the modern world. Everyone depends on the Internet, and personal data is used constantly to secure services and make even small purchases. The loss of personal information will leave a person vulnerable. Those employers who address the problem of identity theft proactively earn respect and gratitude of their employees. The same is true if a group legal plan benefit is offered.

Please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We would appreciate the chance to talk with you about our benefits, including pre-paid legal services and the group legal plan, and answer any of your questions.