The Little Things Mean So Much

Extra Services Complete the Package

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There are many vendors who will offer group legal plan benefits for an organization to consider. Many times it is the little things that mean the most. Some qualities of the service which are not fully expected could be the most valuable. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a variety of benefit options. The services, which many people don’t originally look at, add significant value to the group legal plan.

The Support Service Is Vital

A plan member expects the attorney to draft a will and take a look at a contract. What is possibly unexpected is the right to make as many calls as necessary to the attorney on a given subject. The group legal plan member is able to ask numerous questions because of this service.

Another benefit is help in preparing a small court case. What the plan member may not know ahead of time is that the attorney will also make telephone calls and prepare letters on legal stationery as part of the pre-paid legal services. It is difficult to deal with a lawyer who is perhaps in another state. Countrywide attorneys are located in the community where the client organization is established. The ability to get a hold of a Countrywide lawyer is very easy to do. A real advantage is that this lawyer knows about the local community laws and regulations. It means that attorney can take on the problems and know how to best resolve them.

Countrywide Gives a Little Extra

Countrywide believes that a comprehensive pre-paid legal services benefit must contain support services. Small things are what see to it that the larger options are executed effectively Our nationwide network of attorneys are made aware of what is expected. They know that face-to-face consultations are to be allowed, and assistance in securing small claims awards is part of the deal.

All of this comes with the human element. We do not want any plan member to think he or she is being treated as a file. Each person in a Countrywide group legal plan is viewed as important and any problems are to be given priority. The Countrywide attorney is selected on demonstrated legal expertise but also people skills. We want all plan members to feel very comfortable dealing with any lawyer who is part of our network.

Essential secondary services are part of any Countrywide plan. This doesn’t mean that there are one or two plan types from which to select. We have provided pre-paid legal services to organizations since 1987.