Maintaining a Service Warranty

Service is meant to be provided


Service warranties are not just for appliances and laptops. Some of the more important ones are for automobiles and can include labor as well as parts. Many consumers will purchase the warranty along with the car hoping that it will never have to be used, but it is there when needed. One can imagine their anger when an auto mechanic says that the warranty doesn’t cover the labor and charges for the entire amount. Sometimes that mechanic will gamble on a person doing nothing. No one should be victimized by a lazy service provider. Action needs to be taken, and a Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services attorney is that assist any group legal plan member.

It Isn’t Always the Fault of the Company.

Auto manufacturers issue the warranty in good faith and expect it to be honored. Sometimes the poor service needs be brought directly to the attention of corporate offices. Correspondence on letterhead stationery from attorney is enough to raise any attention. The company can then get in touch with the mechanic and let it be known the warranty covers labor. Countrywide group legal services do more than just write letters. The attorney will also make telephone calls on behalf of a plan member. The mechanic may find himself caught between corporate headquarters and a law office. It is the kind of attention and action a Countrywide group legal plan member can expect. Human resources will be pleased to know that this action is immediate. Countrywide designs all of its group legal services to be easy to administer. Corrective action is taken with a great deal of speed.
There Are Many Services Available.

The auto mechanic still may be stubborn and further legal action may need to be taken. This could include an appearance in small claims court. A Countrywide plan member can rest assured that he or she will be helped in the preparation of the case. A Countrywide attorney is seasoned in preparation of the evidence, and will also give advice on how to present the information to the judge. Prior to the actual court appearance, the attorney may make one last call to the auto mechanic and suggest things be settled out of court. That could make even the most obstinate person see reason. All the services of a Countrywide group legal benefit comes into play in cases such as this. It means that plan member has a good selection of legal options that can be used to bring a satisfactory resolution.

We Offer Great Service.
Human resources directors are a tough group to please and rightfully so. They want to see to it that employees get benefits which actually provide help and not just paperwork. Countrywide has worked with the human resources directors and decision-makers of all kinds of organizations. Ever since 1987 we have designed group legal services plans that provide the best help. We also know that every plan must be designed especially for the employees. We do not produce boilerplate benefits. Decision-makers can select from our group legal plan options what they would like to see in the group legal services to be offered to the workforce. We are flexible enough to accommodate choices, and at no time is the service level compromised. Everybody in the plan gets great customer service and efficient legal assistance. The result is that any number of situations is resolved satisfactorily. Comments we have gotten from those who have been served indicate that we have successfully solved numerous issues.

Countrywide understands that offering a group legal plan benefit to employees is not an easy decision. We invite questions and want to assure decision-makers answers will be provided. Countrywide welcomes any opportunity to fully explain all the benefits they can be part of the company plan.

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