Providing Important Immigration Assistance

Newcomers urgently need help


There is a great deal of attention being focused on immigration, but it is not an issue restricted to the southern border. There are many legal immigrants who are deeply concerned about their status in this country, or that of their family. These hard-working people worry about the services that they need to receive, or the status of loved ones such as elderly parents or children. One of their worst nightmares is the possibility of a mistake that may result in a work visa being revoked or loved ones being deported. Headlines only make them more troubled. Human resources is very much aware of the mental toll these distractions can have on productive people. A group legal plan has to be able to provide needed assistance.

It Has To Cover All Bases.

It is not enough to have group legal services that help with public agencies. Immigration issues cover a wide field and benefits have to be able to respond effectively. An employee may have English as a second language and does not fully understand complicated legal terms. A good legal plan will allow for a review of documents so that a lease or agreement doesn’t compromise a plan member. A foreign-born person may be hesitant about filing a legitimate case with small claims court, and need some advice. In other cases, a spokesperson is simply needed to help end the problem. All the while the group legal plan member has to be assured that seeking legal remedies for problems will not jeopardize residency status. The plan has to be a one-stop shop.

We Offer Great Legal Benefits for Everyone

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has designed group legal plan benefits since 1987. We are familiar with the anxiety faced by foreign-born employees, and we know how important having effective legal benefits can be. Our Personal Legal Protector Plan can help these newcomers to the United States area. Those who like to take advantage of people born on foreign soil are in for a nasty shock. Our attorneys are very sensitive to the needs of people unfamiliar with our legal system. It is not a problem for one of our attorneys to write a letter or make a telephone call on behalf of an individual. It does not matter where plan member was born. We provide the same expert legal help. Our attorneys are there to make sure that contracts are legitimate and that the consumer rights of a group legal services plan member are respected.

We are noted for our customer service. Foreign-born members of a plan designed by Countrywide are treated with great courtesy and respect. Patience is one of the qualities we insist every Countrywide attorney have while providing group legal services. What may seem strange and mysterious to a new arrival in the United States is made clear. Most importantly, their rights are protected thanks to the diligence of the Countrywide lawyer.

Immediate Assistance Is Given

Delays only add to the anxiety of a foreign employee. There is no need to worry about them because there are none when Countrywide is involved. Our administration is deliberately streamlined to offer quick assistance. We also are flexible enough to respond to the distinct needs of any organization. Human resources and other decision-makers should know that we offer a number of group legal services benefit options to consider. Any of these can help an employee become more comfortable with the American legal system and living in America in general.
No employee should feel like a stranger in a strange land with no protection. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is a front-line defense against any attempt to compromise the rights of group plan member. Taken as a whole, a group legal plan from Countrywide is a comprehensive shield. We can explain in greater detail but we have a can help employees, especially those who are new to this country. A
ny question we are asked will be completely and honestly answered. We appreciate your inquiry.