Not All Contracts are Valid

Document Review Clarifies the Clauses


It is a sad fact of modern life that an individual will pay for his or her legal ignorance. It can happen that a consumer will sign a legal document, not fully understanding what it says. When a problem arises the other party simply says that it is too bad, but the contract was signed. The implication is that the signer is stuck with the terms. Well, that is not necessarily so. The services of a group legal plan can help determine whether or not the contract is binding.

Rights Cannot Always Be Signed Away.
Depending on the law, a person is not required to sign away rights that have been legitimately granted by legislation. Moreover, no one can insist it be done. A group legal service that is extremely beneficial in these situations is a review of contracts and legal documents. Even though the papers are signed, the terms may be completely invalid. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has seen a number of cases where a person thinks he or she is committed to the terms of a given document. It is why review of contracts and legal documents are one of the group legal services we offer. One of our attorneys can take a look at what a group legal plan member has signed to determine its validity. It can happen that the other party had no right to insist on the contractual terms in the first place.

A Wide Range of Benefits for Support.

Anyone who tries to deceive a Countrywide group legal plan member is in for a nasty surprise. Our attorneys review the paperwork and if the signed document is not legal in the first place, the attorney will gladly write a letter letting the other party know about it. The help doesn’t stop there, either. Anyone who is trying to uphold an invalid contract faces the full services of the Countrywide lawyer. That attorney will help file any complaint to the correct government agency and if necessary, will help the plan member prepare small claims court case. These are benefit options that are part of a Countrywide group legal plan. Taken as a whole, the group legal services we offer are very comprehensive and provide excellent assistance. Plan members who feel they are trapped in a bad situation are lifted out of the problem by legal minds that provide solid solutions. It often happens that the other party will agree to nullify the invalid contract rather than face a Countrywide lawyer.

Working with All Judicious Speed.

Countrywide has been designing group legal services benefits since 1987 for all types of organizations. What a plan member calls on us, we move quickly. Our administration is designed for fast turnaround. No member of a plan has to wait long for our services. Countrywide attorneys work on a problem until resolution is achieved. Attempts to any plan member are rapidly foiled.

No one should be stuck in a contract or agreement that is unenforceable. Our clients all appreciate the proactive stance Countrywide attorneys takes when a group legal services plan member is in trouble. The options we mentioned above are just some of the ones that we offer. We have a variety of legal benefits and we are very flexible in design. Whatever the client feels is necessary for the organization will be delivered. No matter what is finally determined the administration always comes with great customer service.

Our lawyers are expected to have the very best people skills. When a hard-working employee is trapped in a questionable contract or arrangement, we want to be of help. Countrywide attorneys are problem solvers and very knowledgeable in contract law and the proper structure legal documents. They can prevent an unsuspecting employee from being victimized by a deviously written piece of paper. We can explain all our services in greater detail and welcome every inquiry. Countrywide takes great pride in having the resources necessary to protect good employees.