Proactive Help in a Medical Emergency

Instructions Provided to be Followed


Human resources professionals are very much aware of how problems at home will affect performance in the workplace. It is the primary reason why these dedicated people are constantly looking for ways to help productive employees solve problems that arise unexpectedly. The biggest shock to any family would be a medical emergency in which a member is placed on life support. The loved one is in a coma and there is no chance at all of recovery. It is at this time when a living will provided by a group legal plan can reduce the family agony.

Health Insurance Lacks The Coverage

The employee health benefit does not include living will or medical power of attorney. In other words, the insurance coverage will continue to keep a person on life support until the maximum dollar amount has been reached. It can be a situation where a loved one is in a conscious state for weeks or even longer. Family members have to go through the agony of knowing this person is being kept alive only by machinery. A living will and the medical powers of attorney can allow a group legal services plan member to instruct medical staff of what is to be done in a terminal situation. The living will lets a doctor know when treatment is to stop, and a medical power of attorney allows the appointed individual make what can be heart rendering decision. A group legal plan allows for living will and medical power of attorney brings needed closure. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has both as group legal services options to consider.

The Plan Member Makes The Decision.

This is situation where an employee has to face the possibility of a serious medical situation. While human resources would never insist on employees drawing up a living will, the option can be allowed through a group legal plan. A plan member can leave instructions as to what needs to happen in the event of mental incapacitation or life support. This provides enormous peace of mind to family members who will not have to make the decision to shut off the equipment; the plan member has already left those instructions. Countrywide has designed group legal services benefits since 1987 for all kinds of organizations. The attorneys that are part of the Countrywide group legal plan network fully understand what has to be in a living will or medical power of attorney document. Using the high quality personal skills expected by Countrywide, these lawyers will explain the process to a plan member. Any question is answered completely.

Granting the Needed Permission.

Loved ones find it hard to accept the final stages of a person’s life. They want to cling on to their family member, and yet they also know that the person they once knew will never come back. It is a kind of agony that can’t really be avoided, but the pain can be reduced. The directions necessary for the final days have been decided by the group legal services plan member ahead of time. All the family does is follow the instructions stated in the documents. It allows them to move ahead with the grieving process and then move forward with their lives. The living will and medical powers of attorney make the final decisions easier.

The Benefit Is Efficiently Administered.

Human resources cares about employees and their families. They do not want to see anybody go through any unnecessary emotional pain. Countrywide has benefits that are purposely designed to be administered promptly. No one needs mountains of paperwork at a time such as this. Human resources can expect that administrative delays will not be there. Countrywide is committed to providing the very best options with administration that is easy to perform. This is what is really needed in times of such medical emergency. We welcome the opportunity to speak with any human resources executive about how we can provide a deeply appreciated benefit.

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