Maintaining Due Vigilance

Identity Theft can be Thwarted
More and more people have stopped using cash and are using credit cards instead. The convenience is almost too good to ignore and that is why people use them. Plastic can definitely get the job done. It really is too bad that identity theft makes it dangerous.

Sensitive personal information such as credit and debit card account numbers is vulnerable to the hacking skills of identity thieves. These pirates of information hack into websites and secure, confidential information, using it to set up dummy accounts. Identity thieves can also use discarded receipts or other piece of evidence that show confidential data. The result can be a credit rating is being destroyed by an unethical person. Those who have identity theft prevention and assistance through a group legal plan can address any attempt at identity theft efficiently.

The Necessary Elements

Voluntary benefits that are intended to help a person protect his or her identity should allow a plan member to have access to credit monitoring reports and credit scores. Email alerts have to be part of a group legal plan that protects identity, so that an individual is aware of a possible problem and can correct it. Human resources professionals know that damaged credit can lead to serious problems for employees. They want not only credit reports to be made available, but any of the voluntary benefits must also include means by which an employee can recover financially from a raid on personal information. Good customer service is also important, because human resources does not have the time to respond to every instance of identity theft. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has all of these bases covered.

The Countrywide Difference
Our Platinum ID Protector Plan allows for three credit scores from the top credit monitoring companies. This group legal service includes monthly credit score updates, and provides $25000 worth of identity theft insurance. The insurance part of the voluntary benefits included in the plan allows a person to cover the costs of refilling applications for loans, and all of the fees and expenses that an attorney may charge. We feel that our group legal plans should help an individual put his or her life back together again, and there is a provision for lost wages included.

Management would appreciate how easy it is to administer any of our voluntary benefits. A payroll deduction plan can be set up to fund the costs, and our group legal plans don’t require the paperwork so often associated with employee benefits. Employers will also appreciate the customer service we offer. Countrywide knows how traumatic identity theft can be, and we provide free customer support for plan members. This assistance comes with the empathy and personal attention that every individual enrolled in a Countrywide voluntary benefits plan can expect. We never charge for empathy.

An instance of identity theft can leave a person feeling vulnerable and helpless. It creates a level of anxiety that distracts from all other activity. Employers don’t want to have hard-working people stressed by issues in which their privacy has been compromised. Any help that restores credit identity to its former high status is deeply appreciated by employees, and speaks well of the company itself. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has worked with employers since 1987 to provide group legal assistance and services to better protect employees. We have worked with organizations of all sizes and we are sensitive to the needs of our clients. We will tailor a plan of identity protection to meet the specifications of any employer, and human resources directors have found us to be responsive and efficient. It just takes a telephone call to find out more about the Platinum ID Protector Plan and the other benefits we can offer.