Settling Landlord Tenant Disputes Properly

These don’t need to be bruising battles
Yes, a few of them can be unreasonable, but most landlords are fairly even-tempered and reasonable. They are not out to cheat anyone but to make sure that rent is paid on time and that there are no damages to the property. It does happen that there are a few issues that arise between landlords and tenants. Some of these are the result of a number of elaborate agreements such as rent to own or seller financing. These can be the source of a few nightmares.

Rental Problems Can Surface

Challenges arise when people forget to use attorneys to draw up the papers, or forget to have the causes reviewed by the legal profession. Because one person has misinterpreted the agreement, the other may feel slighted. What starts out as a calm discussion can quickly turn into finger-pointing and angry words. Legal counsel may then be needed and if a person is a member in a group legal plan, that advice can be obtained at a reasonable price.

These voluntary benefits allow a member to have access to attorneys in the network who are skilled in real estate and landlord – tenant matters. They can quickly look through the rental agreement and discover where the source of the problem and the solution can be found. If there is a way to resolve things outside of court, the attorneys in a group legal plan can make a phone call or write a letter necessary to make the other party see reason. Group legal plans are the kind of voluntary benefits which not only save money, but great deal of time. It can happen that the solution is able to be put in place very quickly without having to go before a judge.

Human Resources Headache Avoided

It may seem odd that management might get involved in these landlord-tenant disputes, but sometimes they do in a roundabout way. Human resources spends a lot of time and trouble to relocate employees from one location to another. While relocation assistance can cover a lot of things, it is anticipated that once the employee is settled into a residence there will be no more problems. Unfortunately, difficulties may arise several months later and human resources is asked to do something. It is hard to say no to an employee, but the dispute may be a horrible mess and require a lot of time to resolve.

A group legal plan means that a hard-working human resources professional does not have to try to play referee between a relocated and now disgruntled employee and the landlord. The voluntary benefits offer the kind of legal assistance that calms down a person’s nerves and make him or her less likely to come complaining to human resources. The result is one less issue which requires attention.

Countrywide Prepaid Legal Services has worked with organizations of all sizes to provide the kind of voluntary benefits that will address real problems. Legal assistance provided also comes with the kind of customer service and personal skills that an individual should always expect. Attorneys who are part of the Countrywide network are both knowledgeable and empathetic. No member feels like a case file and a landlord – tenant dispute can be brought to a close with little drama.

Group legal plans are the kind of assistance an employer can provide that is easy to administer and is greatly appreciated by employees. These are voluntary benefits designed to be easy to administer and implement. The benefit can be tailored to the needs of an employer, and Countrywide would welcome the opportunity to share any information with human resources and company management.