The Best Legal Customer Service

There is more to it than filing legal papers

People are afraid of what they do not know and legal issues terrify them. An ordinary employee doesn’t understand all of the legal language. He or she is unfamiliar with court procedures or what information has to be provided for matters such as writing a will. The honest confusion causes some serious anxiety. A group legal plan has to do so much more than write a brief or process a document. Customer service is extremely important.

Going the Extra Mile

Voluntary benefits that provide a little bit more are the ones that are most appreciated. This can be actions as simple as writing a letter on behalf of a client. Group legal plans that permit an unlimited number of telephone calls to an attorney provide an opportunity to calm fears. The lawyer can in the course of the conversation gently explain things, making a person feel more confident of a reasonable solution to any problems. Employees are more willing to enroll in voluntary benefits plans that include face-to-face consultations at little or no cost. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services understands the need to go the extra mile on behalf of plan members. Our group legal services are intended to provide the best legal expertise with the highest level of empathy possible.

Helping Human Resources

Human resources is always concerned about the welfare of employees, and also looks for ways of being more efficient in benefits administration. It may sound odd, but group legal plans help make things run smoother. An attorney who is part of legal services voluntary benefits can point out how important it is to name the estate as beneficiary of the 401(k) or that a living will instructs the hospital to turn off life support equipment (that may sound macabre, but those life-support systems can continue indefinitely, creating larger health insurance claims experience figures).

Human resources also has to deal with employee inquiries on a regular basis. Being able to refer legal questions to the group legal plan means that a knowledgeable answer is provided, and there is one less issue that a hard-working human resources staff must deal with. That allows them to concentrate on even more important matters. Good customer service means that employee questions and problems are solved quickly. That is a primary feature of any Countrywide voluntary benefits plan. The plan member is treated like a VIP at all times.

The Countrywide Difference

It isn’t just that our attorneys are very knowledgeable. These legal professionals are screened also for their ability to deal with plan members on a one-to-one basis. Countrywide expects lawyers who are part of our network to always be aware of a plan member’s feelings. This means the consultations and telephone calls are treated with sensitivity and confidentiality. No plan member should be made to feel he or she is wasting attorney’s time. The people skills of our network members are assessed prior to allowing such individual to be a part of the Countrywide program. Any complaints about rough treatment for customer service are handled immediately.

Countrywide has been designing voluntary benefits that offer superior legal services since 1987. We worked with employers to design exactly the right group legal plan for the employees. Suggestions are sought and employer requested revisions are given the respect that is due. All of our plans are based on two important factors: sharp legal expertise and high quality customer service. Any organization no matter what size will find both in the plan is designed expressly for it. We would welcome the opportunity to fully explain all that we have to offer to an employer, and we encourage such inquiries. Contact us here.