Making Final Decisions Easier

Living Wills Provide the Last Instructions

Death and taxes are the two most certain things of life, and nobody wants to think of either one of them. Mortality does take its toll ultimately and hopefully it will be after a long life. Death bed scenarios with long speeches are the stuff of Hollywood, however. It doesn’t always happen that a person is conscious when the Grim Reaper finally shows up. Indeed, a person may have a sudden stroke and become unconscious and then comatose. Under these circumstances the individual moves into a limbo of life support systems. He or she cannot communicate but the equipment keeps the body alive. This puts a terrible strain on loved ones that can be made easier with a living will.

The Agony of the Wait

It can be a living hell for the family. A loved one lies connected to tubes that keep the heart beating even when the brain is dead. That is the way it has to be if there are no final instructions. A voluntary benefit that provides legal services can also help draft a living will. This is done while the individual is alive and cognizant. If that person is a group legal plan member, he or she can sit down with an attorney and iron out the final instructions of what to do. What the doctor and the hospital will do in terminal situations can be carefully spelled out. A voluntary benefit plan provisions for living wills can see to it that the burden of not knowing what to do is lifted from the shoulders of the survivors. Healthcare facilities and providers both appreciate living wills, because it frees them from having to make the decision.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a group legal plan benefits that allow for living wills. The Countrywide Personal Legal Protector Plan provides access to an experienced network attorney. That professional can explain what is required in the living will document to a plan member, and help that individual prepare the final instructions. This voluntary benefit plan for legal services has a number of options that makes the process easy. An unlimited number of telephone calls is permitted to the attorney on this matter in addition to face-to-face consultations. If letters have to be written to anyone on the matter of living will, the group legal plan allows for an attorney to write them.

Everything practicable is done to see to it that a viable living will is created. If a person needs to make amendments later, as long as he or she is a Countrywide group legal plan member those can be done very easily.

Our attorneys understand how sensitive living will decisions are. No one is made to feel rushed into doing anything, and everyone is treated with respect. We want a Countrywide voluntary benefit plan member to always know that that person’s wishes are going to be carried out. Customer service is a feature of all of our benefits.

Good Administration and Flexible Design

Countrywide benefits are very easy to administer and all of our clients testify to that. No voluntary benefit plan member is going to have to wade through a sea of documents or be bothered with tedious administrative processes. The administration is simple and the service is professional. We want decision-makers to know that voluntary benefit plans designed by Countrywide are extremely flexible, and can be tailored to individual needs. It is all part of providing as much help as we can to anyone who uses our services. We have designed plan benefits since 1987 and we have done this for all kinds of organizations.

We encourage you to contact us today to answer questions about the living will option and other benefits Countrywide has to offer.

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