Preparing the Case

Getting Ready for Small Claims Court

Small claims court is defined by limitations on the amount of money involved. In many situations it can be no more than $5000, although some states will allow for more than that. This unit of the judicial system is also unique in that a lawyer rarely pleads the case. It is the individual plaintiff who will do a lot of the talking. Anyone who has little experience with small claims would greatly appreciate any voluntary benefit plan that offers legal advice.

The Wisdom of the Barrister

While disputes are not exactly major, there may still be a lot of preparation necessary to be ready for that day in court. Legal help in preparing the evidence and explaining the full process is extremely useful. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a voluntary benefit plan that will allow access to expert legal advice. The Personal Legal Protector Plan has a network of attorneys who are familiar with the proceedings of small claims court. These professionals can help a group legal plan member go through all the steps necessary to process a claim. They can inform an individual of any stature limitations, and the governing laws for small claims. The attorney can also advise anyone who is part of a Countrywide voluntary benefit plan of potential problems that could arise. Counter claims are not uncommon and a person needs to be ready for them. That is all part of the benefit of a group legal plan sponsored by Countrywide. The plan member knows what to expect before walking into the court.

Additional Services That Are Beneficial

The best of all possible outcomes would be if the dispute was settled before even getting to court. Part of the voluntary benefit plan Countrywide offers for legal assistance includes attorney communication. The lawyer can write to the other party on behalf of the group legal plan member, trying to use reason as a means of calming the waters. Telephone calls can also be made. The personal skills of these barristers have often convinced the other party that a day in court isn’t necessary.

Those personal skills are also evident in dealings with any plan member. Countrywide places great emphasis on customer service. An attorney who is not able to show empathy is not going to be allowed to be part of a Countrywide voluntary benefit plan. Our attorneys will listen carefully to the grievance of the plan member. Anyone who is part of a Countrywide voluntary benefit plan does have the right for unlimited phone calls to the attorney on a given case. Sometimes the advice may be not to go to small claims court at all, and this might be the best suggestion in a given situation. The attorney may offer alternatives to court action, and that can save a lot of time and trouble. However, if it appears the only solution is going to court the attorney will prepare a plan member for that event. Evidence will be carefully prepared and the plan member will be coached ahead of time. Everything that can be done to prepare for a court hearing will be done.

Small claims court is ordinarily that part of the judicial system people have most contact with. It does not have to be a nightmare if Countrywide legal assistance is involved. We have designed group legal plans for organizations since 1987, and we can offer legal assistance that is greatly appreciated by plan members. Everyone gets the same high quality service, and we will gladly tailor a plan to fit the needs of an organization. We would welcome the opportunity to be of service, and we have a wide range of benefit options.

We encourage any interested party to contact us and ask as many questions as they would like.