Minding the Credit Scores

Countrywide can assist in monitoring credit

We live in a plastic world of convenience. Credit cards are used for nearly all retail transactions, and people greatly enjoy the convenience. This does come with a fair amount of risk. Hackers are breaking into consumer records all the time. These thieves can compromise credit card information and use them to establish bogus credit card accounts. They can easily make numerous purchases and before the fraud is detected, these felons are out of reach. A good voluntary benefit plan for legal assistance should include something to help guard credit scores.

The Loss Can Be Substantial

It is bad enough that a person’s identification has been compromised. It can take a lot of work to restore credit scores to where they should be. The problem is the identity raid can go unnoticed for weeks. A comprehensive group legal plan that includes credit safeguards can definitely help any employee recover good credit standing. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a voluntary benefit option that is a great watchdog over credit. The Platinum ID Protector Plan offers a considerable amount of credit security.

Among the various benefits are the following:
• three credit scores from highly reputable credit monitoring programs (Experian, EquifaxTM, TransUnionTM) which also provide email alerts;
• monthly credit score updates;
• $25,000 of identity theft insurance;
• free customer support;
• Monthly newsletters that have important tips and information to protect credit.
There is also coverage for costs related to reestablishing credit rating once it has been compromised. All of these benefits make this credit monitoring an excellent option to offer as part of a group legal plan.

Adding To the Protection

The Platinum ID Protector Plan is one of the benefit plans provided by Countrywide. It can be part of a very comprehensive voluntary benefit plan program that gives an employee a great deal of legal assistance when problems arise. These include issues such as living wills and power of attorney, help with small claims court cases, and consumer protection. There are also additional items such as unlimited number of telephone calls to attorney on a particular situation, letters and telephone calls made on behalf of plan member by an attorney, and face-to-face consultations with the attorney if a plan member feels it is necessary. These by the way are standard options possible in a Countrywide group legal plan.

Whatever an employer chooses to do, it is important to remember that customer service from a Countrywide attorney or any other Countrywide support is the best. Countrywide wants decision makers to know that every voluntary benefit plan member is treated with both courtesy and respect. Any issue brought by a plan member to our attention is dealt with immediately. Our sensitivity to plan members is something that has been favorably commented on by the human resources departments with whom we work. We consider good service to be a mandatory part of any benefit we provide.

We have structured group legal plan benefits for organizations since 1987. If an organization wants to offer the Platinum ID Protector Plan within a comprehensive benefit program, that can be done without any problem. We realize that one size does not fit all and so we make a point of tailoring the plans to the needs of an organization. The administration of any Countrywide volunteer benefit plan is as easy as possible without unnecessary paperwork.

Credit theft is a critical problem. Countrywide makes available what a person needs to safeguard his or her financial reputation. The credit reports and alerts of the voluntary benefit help a person notices and address any credit problem immediately. Additional help is there to restore the credit rating.

We welcome the opportunity to explain in greater detail all we have to offer to safeguard a hard-working employee. Contact us today with questions about any of our voluntary benefit plans.