March Madness shouldn’t include Legal Hassles

Spring vacations don’t have to be interrupted

This has been a remarkably terrible winter. Parts of the country have been hit by one storm after another and even the Great Lakes froze over. It is no wonder now we are on Daylight Savings Time many people want to leave the office for vacation. It doesn’t need to be more than a few days, but just a chance to get away from snow and slush. It would be nice if legal hassles didn’t surface but they do. One of the best reasons to have a group legal plan is those little fender benders that happen in a place far away from home.

Different Location, Different Set of Rules

The sunny resort in a beautiful state may have some very strict liquor laws. A vacationer may forget that, and then be found riding in the backseat of a police car. Accidents will happen and in some places a person from out of town may be out of luck as well. A voluntary benefit plan that provides good legal assistance away from home is a great benefit. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a voluntary benefit plan that has some special services for those who are seeing the sights in a distant place.

A Solid Network of Professionals

The Personal Legal Protector Plan offered by Countrywide includes a network of attorneys. These legal professionals are located all over the country and a Countrywide affiliate may be right down the street from the vacation hotel. When legal trouble should arise, a lawyer is right there to be of help. He or she can explain the local law to a voluntary plan benefit member, and help this vacationer get out of a tough situation. Local people are usually very honest, but there’s always somebody who wants to take advantage of a stranger. An unscrupulous merchant or service provider may adopt a different attitude if a letter or phone call is received from a local attorney. Indeed, public employees may move a little bit quicker if they know someone on vacation has a lawyer close by to help out.

What it all comes down to is that a voluntary benefit plan member is not stranded on some lonely beach. The assistance needed to get out of problems that suddenly arose is right there. The difficulty with a small claims court can be resolved if there is a lawyer there to be of help. The Countrywide network sees to it that any member of a
Countrywide group legal plan has access to counsel.

An employee may be from someplace else but that doesn’t mean he or she gets poor service. Our attorneys are carefully screened before they can be part of a Countrywide group legal plan. They are expected to treat every plan member with courtesy and respect. There have been some very favorable comments from plan members who had legal difficulty far away from home. They have all mentioned how they were treated as if they were from the community itself. That’s the kind of hands-on empathy that a Countrywide lawyer shows. A voluntary benefit plan member can be assured of getting the very best.

Helping the Employer

An employee who is caught in a legal tangle on vacation may be absent from the office for days. That is not going help during a busy season and management should try to find ways to prevent long absences from happening. A Countrywide group legal plan can reduce the amount of time spent out of state, and allow the employee to get back without losing any productive time. That is something any manager would be glad about.
We have designed voluntary benefit plans for legal assistance since 1987. We work with all types of organizations and can tailor a plan to meet the needs of an employer. Employees should not be caught in legal traps while on vacation, and we can help resolve those situations.

Please contact us today with inquires about our services and how we can provide a great voluntary benefit.