Preparing a Final Estate

Dependents should not be left to the mercy of the courts

A death is a very sad time for a family. Relatives will gather at the funeral to reminisce about a lost loved one and share grief. It is a troublesome time but for some people the saddest moments are yet to come. The added hardship is the result of the deceased not having prepared a final will and testament.

At The Mercy Of The Courts

The legal term is “intestate” and it is the beginning of a long legal process for beneficiaries. The lack of a will opens the door for probate court to step in. It will appoint an administrator for the estate but that person is answerable to the bench. In other words, no action can be taken without the court’s prior knowledge and approval. This is to protect the beneficiaries from the behavior of some people wanting to take from the estate what is not theirs to have. That is important, but there would be no need to have an administrator if the individual had a will. A voluntary benefit plan that allows for legal services can prevent this.

Preparing for the Final Exit

Probate court doesn’t have to move quickly. Surviving beneficiaries may be forced to wait quite a while before their share of an estate is released. A group legal plan that allows for the preparation of a will means there is a document that governs the estate. The last will and testament are the instructions of a person on what to do with his or her belongings, and a voluntary benefit plan for legal services makes the process efficient. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a group legal plan that will help a person draft that final document. While some people think a will can be drawn up online, there is a definite problem with boilerplate documents. Circumstances change as time goes on, and the online will services might not remind a person of a need to review those last instructions. A Countrywide voluntary benefit plan has free annual updates to remind a person to review the will.

Understanding Is a Given Quality of Countrywide Services

Not everybody wants to go through the process of writing a will. It is recognition that death is waiting for all of us. Lawyers who are part of a Countrywide group legal plan fully appreciate the hesitancy. These legal professionals will explain the importance of the will and also give advice on what should be included. They will see to it that the document contains all the necessary legal information that will convey a person’s final instructions. It is recognized that a voluntary benefit plan member may have some questions or revisions to be made prior to the final draft. The Countrywide group legal plan will allow for an unlimited number of phone calls to the attorney on this given situation. The official last will and testament created will be one that expresses final wishes and instructs the executive the estate.

A Major Problem Removed

The survivors are the ones who benefit the most from the will. They will know exactly how the estate is to be distributed. The plan member has a peace of mind knowing that his or her possessions will be distributed properly. Countrywide has designed voluntary benefit plans since 1987 and the legal services of these plans are tailored to the needs of the given client. The design is also purposely created so that the plan administration is quite simple. Being able to provide for survivors with a solid will is something that employees greatly appreciate, and sensitive employers offer as a voluntary benefit.

We do have other options that could be part of legal benefit, and we encourage you to contact us today with any inquiry about our services!

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