Managing A Deductible Bill – It isn’t Impossible at All

debt-relief-pill-300x255January comes as a shock  for some people. The new year impacts an organization’s health insurance deductible: it starts all over. The full deductible amount is reinstated. It upsets folks because they are afraid their medical condition will jeopardize their financial wellness.

A Nasty Compromise

Employers do what is necessary to contain medical expenses. Raising employee premiums or changing the co-pay percentage is not popular with the workforce. The compromise is to increase the deductible instead. Deductibles between $5000 and $10,000 are typical.

Therapy and other treatments often span the calendar. A therapeutic process that started in February 2019 may still be in operation in April 2020. An individual may still be liable for 2019 expenses and face more costs this year. It is understandable how worried this person becomes as the bills start piling up. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is here to help. We have a financial wellness plan that can take a load off anyone’s mind.

Fine-Tuning the Budget

Most adults are sensible enough to create a budget and stick to it. Medical bills can shock the best-laid spending plans and cause panic. We will calm jittery nerves.

Certified counselors perform Countrywide’s financial wellness services. These are financial experts who have experience assisting people with everyday financial challenges.


Budgets will need revising to address the new medical bills. Countrywide counselors are up to the task. These experts review the cash flow of plan members. They can suggest changes in bill-paying strategies, allowing a financial wellness plan member to manage the deductible expenses.

If it makes sense to pay down the medical debt with one large payment, the plan member has to find the money. Our counselor will do an asset inventory to determine what might be sold to get the necessary funds. A collectible or an old whole life insurance policy could be sold or cashed in to provide the money.

Emotional Intelligence Promotes Financial Wellness

Medical bills are substantial obligations. Anyone can get nervous or panic at the amount of money and worry about how to come up with the cash. Countrywide counselors realize that a plan member is under a great deal of stress.

Our counselors are more than just financial wizards. They are recruited for their ability to communicate and help an individual through a crisis. Emotional intelligence is a significant quality of a Countrywide counselor. We hire these professionals based on their communication skills as well as numbers acumen. Plan members can expect courtesy and respect from Countrywide and a sympathetic ear. We are here to solve a problem and not create a bigger one.

We Ask Employers to Help Us

Our financial wellness benefits have helped many people restore sanity to their budgets and stabilize their finances. We are aware, however, that some employees might not want help with college loans or information about buying a house. We do not want to present a benefit that only a few of the company’s employees will use. We want to have something for everybody.

The best way we know of guaranteeing full use of a Countrywide plan is to ask the employer to help design it. We will show our prospective clients all our options and asked them to select what they want. Employers know what is best, and we rely on their input. What the client wants is going to be what the client will get in the final plan document. We will administer the benefit with efficiency and high quality.

Deductibles can be high, but they can be managed. There is a little bit of discipline and financial knowledge that is needed, and Countrywide offers advice and expertise. We are proud of the fact that our clients express great satisfaction with all we do. If you’re interested in what we have to offer, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We are ready to explain all our benefit options to you.