Coping with Bureaucratic Change – Countrywide Makes It Easier

stockfresh_3279849_costs-benefits_sizeS_e3a3fc-300x200The new year will be full of surprises and challenges. Some developments will be great and will make an employee proud to work for an organization. It’s unfortunate, but other changes will be unexpected and not appreciated.


Rules and Regulations


Changes at all levels of government happen in January. Rules and procedures are revised to meet requirements mandated by new laws. Altering the status quo causes anxiety and whoever relies on government services will suffer high-stress levels.


Some new forms are hard to understand, and the directions don’t make sense. It’s frustrating to find out that necessary forms were not filled out correctly. Agencies might require additional information and they reject any application that doesn’t have complete data. It all adds up to a hot mess.


Group legal plans should be able to assist its members in dealing with bureaucracy. Not all the vendors give such support, however. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services appreciates a person’s need for help with government red tape. We have a group legal plan benefit option that helps plan members get the public services they need.


Our Lawyers Help with Government Hassles


Countrywide thinks that online templates and advice pages don’t provide enough support. Our nationwide network of attorneys allows a rapport to grow between the lawyer and the plan member. That kind of professional contact solves problems.


Countrywide attorneys must stay current with public sector developments. Ordinarily, they are aware of any changes before the general public. Our attorneys can explain the new regulations and answer any questions.


New procedures may create new deadlines. A Countrywide lawyer helps individuals stay focused on meeting new requirements. Our legal experts will help group legal plan members complete forms, provide the right evidence, and meet deadlines. Our professionals will cut a straight path through a forest of red tape.





Helping with Secondary Services


We have several pre-paid legal services that can expedite matters.


*Communication. We allow our attorneys to make telephone calls and write letters on legal stationery for the sake of our plan members. This helps clarify new guidelines the agencies may have.


*Priority status. A Countrywide plan member is given first in line attention from the attorney. No one is required to wait indefinitely for needed services.


*Emotional intelligence. Empathy and excellent listing skills are a central feature of our benefits.

That last point enhances our quality. People get frustrated with the government and believe the cards are stacked against them. That isn’t true but not understanding the process can cause delays. Our attorneys understand how frustrating this all becomes.


The Countrywide attorney is proficient in the law but also has superior people skills. We expect all the questions to be answered thoroughly. If a group legal plan member has additional questions after a conference with the attorney, he or she can call the attorney an unlimited number of times regarding a given situation. We want plan members to know that they can rely on Countrywide to provide answers and find solutions.


Employers Have A Say


We want a client’s workforce to take full advantage of all our benefit options. We don’t know as much about the employees, however, as their managers do. Consequently, we ask our clients to help us design the group legal plan document.


Basically, we provide all the information possible about our benefit options. Clients can look at what we offer and ask as many questions as they wish. The client chooses what pre-paid legal services benefits will be part of the plan. We will administer the program and guarantee the high quality of service provided. This partnership between Countrywide and the client means the employees get the very best.


If you’re interested in what Countrywide offers, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We welcome the opportunity to share information about our pre-paid legal services and we look forward to hearing from you