Managing the College Debt – It Can Be Done


Young employees arrive with enthusiasm and technical expertise. They want to hit the ground running and contribute to an organization’s success. Employers like this and an organization will benefit if the new employees can focus on their projects. It is hard to do that if a person’s financial wellness is in trouble.

The Education Cost

College expense is a fright. Tuition for four years can be in the six figures and loans are required to pay the education bill. Young graduates don’t worry about payments until the grace period is over. Reality then hits like a tidal wave. Monthly payments might be as high as a home mortgage. This is in addition to rent, auto loans, and other expenses a new graduate must manage.

Young employees often lack good financial skills. Such knowledge is not offered in school curriculums and a graduate struggles in a sea of confusion. He or she makes some serious mistakes because of ignorance. Forbearance is a common way of avoiding debt, but the figures only grow and will not go away.

Employers should offer some financial wellness help. It doesn’t have to be expensive and often good advice is the only service needed. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services can assist young employees in managing college debt.

We have a financial wellness plan a client’s employees can use. Our nationwide network of certified counselors provides the best service to new employees seeking to pay real-world bills. College loan management can be rough for an inexperienced person. Our counselors deal with financial wellness issues all the time.

Renegotiating the terms of payment and the amounts is possible. Information must be accurately submitted to the loan officer for this to happen. Our counselors help prepare the request, using information provided by the plan member.

Finding the money to pay the monthly bill is not difficult. The counselor will perform a budget analysis to find where adjustments can be made to release the cash. The same analysis helps put a young employees’ financial house in order.

Taking control of college debt and other expenses has a positive effect. A new employee has the worst fears under control and might be looking to purchase a home or something else that is a little bit expensive. We can help with other financial wellness services. We have a comprehensive plan that provides workable solutions to common financial problems.

The Employer’s Role

Organizations can offer a great program to all employees. Countrywide allows clients to choose the benefit options. College loan assistance and help with medical bills can be included in the final plan document. The client might decide not to have other services for various reasons. Countrywide does not question the decisions. We want to give the service the client wants, and we respect final choices.

Clients can expect superior member services from Countrywide. Our counselors will show high levels of courtesy and respect to all plan members, regardless of the individual’s job title. Emotional intelligence is a quality countrywide is noted for, and we greatly appreciate the kind comments we have received about the attention we give our plan members. Each one of them gets priority treatment from our counselors.

Newly minted college graduates bring a wealth of information to any organization. Their knowledge and enthusiasm translate into better profit margins for employers. That is a reason for helping the new hires with their financial wellness. Countrywide is dedicated to helping people resolve their common financial issues. We are one of the best providers in the industry.

Any employer who has questions about our benefits is invited to contact us at their earliest convenience. We want to be able to explain all our services and we will answer any questions posed to us. Countrywide would welcome the opportunity to be of service.